W6IPA 20m Portable Antenna Design using Buddipole Whips

John W6IPA created a 3D project for the 20m portable antenna coil. Its on Thingiverse


I used the Buddipole Featherweight whip that has a 1/4 thread on the base. These antennas are cheap.


Get a couple of BTS IT adapters as it will allow a FW whip to fit onto a 3/8″ stud mount.

You dont need it for the project but its useful to create other antenna designs.

I  use the BST IT adapter at the base of the antenna and a mount in my design

You do need a counterpoise to get best SWR and its possible to lower the whip elements and shorten the counterpoise for use on 17m and 15m

w6ipa 20m portable antenna.jpg



see ya’ll at Xenia at the Buddipole BUG Meet Up



  1. Mike Hohmann · February 5

    Reminds me, John… I’m behind on my Buddipole project. Hope winter is treating you well! Mike, KE0GZT


    • ve3ips · February 6

      Snowing right now with -7 Celcius and we just got through the Polar Vortex. Antennas are up and OK but 160m one is an issue and I have not looked at it yet! Too busy making new antennas hhi stay warm

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Gerry · February 6

    Nice work, John. Thanks for bringing this to my attention…


    • ve3ips · July 17

      This antenna works great. The counterpoise is key


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