Getting ready for the Icom 705 Delivery for September 2020

Getting ready for the Icom 705

I am expecting my Icom 705 around the first week in September and I have been busy getting everything ready so no time is wasted getting on the air.

Bear in mind that after reading this i am not responsible for any withdrawls from your bank account or your credit score ratings being affected.

Ham radio is an expensive hobby

Thankfully, I raided my camera gear and I have accumulated a bunch of stuff over the years

Programming Software

Download the CS-705 software to build out your memories in advance

Antenna Tripod

I plant to use my utility tripod to hold the various antennas when picnic table operating using the Super Antenna mount. It will be a mix of BNC antennas, 3/8″ stud mount and even PL-259 or M based. I will not be using the ball head as I will be using it with the Super Antenna mount.

Manfrotto Table Top Tripod Kit

Super Antenna UM2 mount has various mounting options available for your use case

Icom 705 Radio Tripod Manfrotto Pixie Mini

The radio needs to have some thick rubber feet or a way to get it off the table to be able to use the VFO knob. The tripod makes it easy for using the radio at a comfortable height.

Icom Battery

I have 3 of these BP-272 battery packs already and the LC-192 backpack has 3 slots to hold them. I understand based on current tests that at 5w the battery life will be similar to the test on the ID-51A handheld.

BC-202 Quick Charger

The Icom BC-202 rapid charger is designed to charge the BP-272 Li-ion batteries for the ID-51A. The BC-202 comes with the AC adapter as shown above. The BP-272 takes approximately 3½ hours to charge.


Smartphone Picture Utility Software will allow pics to be sent back and forth using D-Star


IP Remote Control Software that will allow a user to remote their radio in a base location and then use the internet from a hotel for example to operate the radio.


The RS-MS1A is an application that allows your Android device to remotely use some of the D-STAR and DV mode functions of the 705

Download from the Google Play Store


The RS-MS3A is an Android device application designed to expand the DV mode capability of a D-STAR transceiver using a Terminal or an Access Point mode.
These modes enable D-STAR operations by sending signals from the D-STAR transceiver over the Internet, even when that transceiver is out of range of a D-STAR repeater. The transceiver sends your voice signals using an Internet, 3G, or LTE network, through an Android device.

Download from the Google Play Store

External Battery for 10 watts output

Buying 3 BP-272 will be more expensive and if you dont need the high portability then just get a proper external battery. This is lighter than an SLA

I have the Bioenno 12V, 4.5Ah LFP Battery (PVC, BLF-12045W). You need to buy the charger that is sold separately

Patch Cords

The antenna jack is a BNC so you will need various patch cords to connect to various antennas

BNC to SO-239 to connect to a longer RG8x cable

BNC to PL-259 to connect to my CRM mount or Super Antenna mount or to the LDG tuner

BNC to N connector to connect to M2 440Mhz and Arrow satellite yagi

BNC to BNC Patch Cord for interconnects to the T1 antenna tuner

Coax Cable

I have several 25 and 50 ft Buddipole cables. They are milspec and have covers for the connectors. Its BNC so add some adapters

Icom LC-192 Back Pack

At $150 USD its expensive but this is needed to go play out and about with the 705. The key feature is the top shelf with a 1/4 bolt to hold the radio in place and a side plate that will hold the Diamond MCR grip or the CRM plate for an external antenna. Its not a big pack but will be great for short jaunts and summits.

Topo Design Camera Cube

I needed an optional case for the radio and the Topo will be useful. The padded divider board can be used to cover the screen. My use case is to have a shoulder carry bag in place of a back pack. My Icom 705 mock up fits perfect

Ammo Box Go Box

I added a shelf to my ammo box for the KX3 and the form factor is similar for the 705. I will add a rubber plate to get the radio up off the shelf a few inches or may use the Manfrotto ball mount. Use of my mock up was very useful and was also used in my prayer room to help Icom get manufacturing going. (prayers were answered)

There is room inside to house a bunch of things like a tuner, battery. I have various antenna ports on it as well. A BNC to BNC patch cord will work but I will relocate the BNC jack to the other side.

Z-FLEX Mount

I am looking at using the camera mount as an option to mount the radio to other things like a clip board, table, mobile mount bracket arm

The advantage is this may be more stable than a ball head and will need some experimentation

BNC Right Angle adapter

To mount a BNC dual band rubber duck properly. I have the one from Icom 32AT I will use but the Smiley us tuned for 440 Mhz not 430 Mhz like the Japanese versions

Smiley Antenna

TRI BAND  2 METER / 220 / 440 flexible base loaded telescopic antenna is the standard for field use whether in the countryside or city. This super efficient VHF / UHF antenna provides a OMNI directional 3 to 9 db gain depending on position and is usable in 4 positions. (1/4 wave 2 Meter Fully extended) – (5/8 wave 440 2 sections down) (1/4 wave 440 fully collapsed) (1/4 wave 220 4 sections down) tuned coil/spring & available with any TA Base. This flex coil matching network provides at band center low SWR as well as a ± 5 MHz band center. Antenna tuned at 440 MHz being the band center, the antenna will perform the same between 435 – 445 MHz. Length Telescope 4.5″ down and 16.5″ up.


I have a 1/2 wave 2M Antenna that I will use as well

HFJ-350M antenna

If you are japanese then this is the antenna everyone in JA land is buying. MFJ has the 1899 and there is the ATX version. I made my own and am debating if I will buy this but our local store now stocks it

MFJ-18XX Single band Whips

These special single banders were designed specifically for the extremely popular Yaesu FT-817, Icom 705  and Elecraft KX3 Multimode HF/VHF/UHF Portable Transceivers.

These single band, base loaded telescopic whips are fitted with a BNC connector and handle 25 Watts.

Each whip telescopes from around 26 cm to approximately 1.4m.

The short length when collapsed, makes them highly portable.


I have one for 40m, 20m, 17m and 6m and they work well with a counterpoise. You need the CP

RH-770 Antenna BNC

If you area fan of Masaco then this is the antenna everyone in JA land is buying.

The RH-770 Diamond 2m/70cm Telescopic This is an ideal antenna where DX performance is required. It covers 144 and 430 MHz and unscrews into 2 sections.


  • Tx: 144 & 430MHz
  • Rx: 300MHz
  • 20W Max power handling
  • 93cm long – telescopic
  • BNC fitting

Short Format Antenna

Buddistick Antenna

I went with the Short coil for 20m and up coverage as I am never happy with these things on 40m and just go dipole or a long wire. I also have the 8 ft mast that I made adapters for to be used with other stuff.

SuperAntenna MP-1

Dont forget the rest of the accessories like the spike, UM2 mount etc. I find the TM1 tripod too flimsy and have substituted a proper Manfrotto Camera tripod. The 190 works wonders

Pac-12 Antenna

My home brew version works wondewrs and I have now made coils that use the 1/4 inch bolt in place of the 3/8 bolt. This is an excellent antenna. Buy or Build

Diamond MCR ii Antenna Clip

I have something very similar I bought in japan. It is not a Diamond brand but its identical.

I made one with a Bull Clip as well


Stop crying about the antenna tuner already and make better contacts with a dipole cut to the bands you want. I usually work 40m and 20m so I use a Packtenna Linked Dipole. I have made hundreds of contacts with it. I have switches that add the length to resonate on 40m. Try this as well,single%20wire%20antenna%20is%20perfect.

I worked NJ2US with 2 watts in the cold with it

or go with an ed fed for 20m and have flat swr

Electraft T1 Tuner

Use with any Low-Power Transceiver
The T1 can be used with any 0.5-W to 20-W transceiver covering bands in the 160-6 m range. This includes kits, home-built rigs, and commercial transceivers such as the FT-817, IC703, Ten-Tec Argonaut, SG2020, etc. Push the tune button and go. Matches 2 shopping carts at Walmart without a hitch

Quick, Convenient, and Accurate
The T1’s 7-inductor, 7-capacitor L-network provides a wide matching range, and its re-tune time from memory is just 1 to 2 seconds. Equally important, the T1 always tries to achieve a 1.0:1 SWR-it doesn’t stop at 1.5:1 or 2.0:1 like some tuners. You won’t even need to change modes to tune. You can use SSB voice or a keyer as well as a constant carrier (AM, FM, CW, etc.).

LDG Z817 Tuner or Z11

Want an east coast version of a Tuner then this one will work for you. Just hit Tune and off you go. Matches the crutches with a 4:1 balun. I have both but will probably just use the Z817

• RF Power 0.1 to 20 watts SSB, CW and digital modes.
• Latching relays for ultra low power consumption
• Battery operated 4 x 1.5V Alkaline AA (not included)
• Built-in CAT port interface. CAT thru port for computer connection.
• 2000 memories when used with FT-817 interface (200 memories for other radios)
• 1.8 to 54 MHz coverage (continuous coverage for MARS)
• Tunes 6 to 600 ohms (about 10:1 SWR range). 16 to 150 on 6M (about 3:1)
• SO-239 in and out connections for dipoles, verticals, beams, G5RV, OCF, Cobra, ect.
• Dimensions: 5.1”L, 4.7”W, 1.7”H. Weight: 9.3 ounces (without batteries).

Stop laughing the thing works DX

Icom AH-4 OverKill Antenna Tuner

If you are maritime mobile then I get it. I made the adapter cable for it and will try it with mine

Diamond CRM Bracket

Mounts right on the side of the LC-192 backpack and yes you dont need the U bolt

Icom VS-3 Bluetooth dongle

The ICOM VS-3 Bluetooth Headset enables you to have hands-free operation with a Bluetooth enabled transceiver. The VS-3 has an internal lithium polymer battery, PTT switch, 3.5mm earphone jack, external microphone, VOX capabilities (when transceiver’s VOX function is enabled) and USB port for charging.

PTT in your hand with the radio snug in the back pack

Icom AL-705 Mag Loop Antenna


“The Icom AL-705 magnetic loop antenna from Alpha Antenna® operates on the 40 meter to 10 meter amateur bands. Maximum power is 20 Watts SSB, 10 Watts CW & Digital. The deployed diameter is 26.5 inches, which breaks down for storage in the lower compartment of the optional LC-192 backpack. Antenna comes with 15 feet of feedline with a BNC on one end and PL-259 on the other.”

Corrections to the article “Getting ready for the Icom 705”:

  • The ICOM AL-705 Magnetic Loop manufactured by Alpha Antenna®, had not yet been made available to anyone at the time it was discussed (reviewed) in the article “Getting ready for the Icom 705”, Volume 61 Number 4, October 2002 issue of QRP Quarterly. The price in the article was incorrect, as the MSRP of the ICOM AL-705 magnetic loop is $299 and not $400. Extra efficiency was also not addressed in the article, as the ICOM AL-705 CAN BE MADE TO HAVE MORE EFFICIENCY ON 20 to 40 METERS & ADD 80 METERS, by adding the AL-705 Enhancement Kit. Specifically, the optionally available AL-705 Enhancement Kit comes with everything necessary to add 60 & 80 Meters as well as increase efficiency on 20 to 40 meters. It also comes with everything necessary to deploy the ICOM AL-705 magnetic loop on an included tripod or hang it from an included carabiner.


AL-705 Enhancement Kit

The AL-705 Enhancement Kit for the ICOM IC-705 radio’s magnetic loop antenna will:

  • Add 60 & 80 Meters to your ICOM AL-705 magnetic loop
  • Increase efficiency on 20 to 40 Meters
  • Provide a Tripod for easier deployment
  • For a limited time only, a Carabiner for hanging the loop

Power ratings with the Booster Cable are 10 watts on PEP SSB, CW, AM, FM, & Digital modes.


Carabiner with D-Ring – Tripod Adapter – Tripod – Tuned Spacer – Booster Cable – Barrel Connector – 8 Nylon Coax Clips


12V Power Supply

Kx33 Low-RFI AC Power Supply for HF Transceivers

I am very happy with this PSU. No noise and light weight


I have been happy with this antenna system and it does need a counterpoise wire for it to work

These are what I call a shirt pocket antenna and would be ideal in a Topo camera cube with a line winder of #26 stealth wire from DX Enginnering


The food of choice for all Icom fan Boys and Men

I already have the DX Engineering lantern so I just saved myself $15 bucks plus $45 to ship

Zojirushi Mr Bento

If you are packing a meal up to the summit then your Ramen and Sushi will stay fresh here. I have packed a McDonalds Kids meal in here as well

Click to access AlexLoop%20Review.pdf

Click to access AlexLoop%20Review.pdf

Click to access AlexLoop%20Review.pdf

Click to access AlexLoop%20Review.pdf

Tokyo Ham Fair 2020 Cancelled

Cancellation of amateur radio festival ham fair 2020
————————————————– —————————
   The “Amateur Radio Festival Ham Fair 2020”, which was being prepared for the October 31st (Sat) and November 1st (Sun) 2020, was held on July 16th with the Amateur Radio Festival Executive Committee. As a result of examining the possibility of holding the event, we could not predict the convergence of the new coronavirus infectious disease even now, the infection prevention measures of the government and Tokyo, and the “at the exhibition etc. announced by Tokyo Big Sight. Even if measures are taken to ensure safety in accordance with the “Corresponding Guidelines for Preventing New Coronavirus Infections”, it is difficult to prevent the new coronavirus infectious disease from infecting visitors and exhibitors and ensure the safety of the ham fair. We came to the conclusion that it should be discontinued.
Regarding that, we are very sorry to say that we have decided to cancel the holding of Ham Fair 2020. Regarding the next year’s event, the timing of the event will be undecided due to the postponement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, but we will inform you as soon as the schedule and venue are decided.
We look forward to your continued cooperation in the future.
Japan Amateur Radio Federation
Chairman Yoshinori Takao

DIY Chameleon Antenna MPAS JPAS – Throw a Wire in a Tree edition

I use the CHA Hybrid Micro Balun or even the Tactical Dipole Balun in different ways that I call the JPAS. John Personal Antenna System. They are both 5:1 baluns.

I have a 19 ft length of wire that is the radiator and I use a 25 ft or 60 ft counterpoise based on the area available in the forest to allow the wire to be placed out above the ground by a ft minimum

I have used the 25 ft wire as the radiator but the tree height is a bit more of a headache to get a toss over a limb

Its just wire and a Balun nothing fancy and it allows me to work 20m and 40m with a tuner

If its just 20m then really a proper quarter wave vertical is in order and then its a Packtenna 1:1 balun and some wire that is 16 and a half feet long


Have fun throw a wire in a tree and let JPAS make QSO