ARISS end of year SSTV

ARISS end of year SSTV

 The ARISS team will be supporting SSTV operations from the ISS during the period of Dec 26-31. The images will be related to lunar exploration. The transmissions should be available worldwide on 145.800 MHz. The planned mode is PD 120.


Planned start and stop times are currently listed as:

Start – Dec 26 about 18:25 UTC

Stop – Dec 31 about 17:05 UTC

After posting a copy of your image to our  to  you can acquire a special award by going to and following the directions to receive a  digital copy of your award.

Catalog # 25544, 1998-067A
Observing coord. Lat: 43.68°, Lng: -79.62°
Local time zone GMT -5
Downlink (MHz): 145.800 PD120 Mode
Beacon (MHz):
Mode: 1200bps AFSK
Call sign: RS0ISS-4 -11
Status: Inactive
Start Max altitude End Visible passes
Date, Local time Az Local time Az El Local time Az Mag
27-Dec 04:46 WSW
251° 04:51 NNW
340° 50° 04:57 NE
56° +0.5
27-Dec 06:24 W
284° 06:29 N
352° 21° 06:34 ENE
62° -0.5
28-Dec 05:35 W
277° 05:40 N
350° 24° 05:45 NE
58° -0.3
28-Dec 07:13 WNW
299° 07:18 N
9° 22° 07:23 E
77° -0.6
29-Dec 04:47 W
269° 04:52 NNW
343° 29° 04:57 NE
57° +0.6
29-Dec 06:25 WNW
295° 06:30 N
3° 21° 06:34 ENE
71° -0.5
30-Dec 05:36 WNW
290° 05:41 N
357° 20° 05:46 ENE
65° -0.2
30-Dec 07:14 NW
303° 07:19 NNE
17° 30° 07:24 E
93° -1.1
31-Dec 04:48 W
284° 04:53 N
355° 22° 04:58 ENE
61° +0.6
31-Dec 06:25 NW
301° 06:31 N
14° 25° 06:36 E
85° -0.8

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New Cobra President Trump Anniversary Edition

I just unboxed and got on the air with my new CB radio

What makes it cool is the multi modes to include FM and Cw

and channel expansion to cover off 52 for simplex

I just worked a station in the 13 colonies and also a mobile in Alabama

Not bad for 12 watts into a Trick Stick antenna tie wrapped to a hockey stick leaning against my balcony

I cannot wait to check into the Lockdown net tonight at 830pm

New Ham Radio Mode Bypasses Need to Actually Make Contacts

New Ham Radio Mode Bypasses Need to Actually Make Contacts11/13/2021

 Building on the popularity of FT8, a new mode has been announced known as “FTGreat” or “FTG” for short. Why is it so great? Well, in the words of lead developer Chip Anderson K1QRP, “This new mode eliminates the tiresome need to actually make contacts in order to win awards like DXCC, WAS, and the prestigious Fred Fish 6m award.”
He added, “We all know your station could make the contacts if you were there, so why should you be punished just because you have to mow the lawn?”

Once you install the software (a step the developers are hoping to eliminate), you simply enter your location and details about your station – power, frequencies, antennas (optional), etc… after which the software looks at conditions and decides which contacts should go in your log.
There is even the potential to use bands not currently allocated to amateur use, since no transmissions are necessary.

Psychologists are applauding the release of FTG as a stress reducer for anxious hams and a boost to marital harmony. A prominent marriage counsellor for ham operators has seen a dramatic drop in business because “…now you can watch a romantic movie with your wife without pretending to use the bathroom to work a rare DX station. It’s a win-win!”Adrian VE7NZ, reporting from the living room while earning DXCC on 10m and watching Love Actually, again.

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NEW ARRL ROTA AWARD –  Repeaters On The Air

NEW ARRL ROTA AWARD –  Repeaters On The Air



The American Amateur Radio League has announced a brand new award program effective November 1, 2021.  In order to counteract the North American wide phenomenon of inactive, dead-air repeaters, the ARRL as initiated the Repeaters On The Air (ROTA) Award. Absolutely no simplex contacts will be allowed and submissions of such will be grounds for automatic disqualification as are contacts made via D, E & F Layer propagation, only contacts made via full duplex repeaters will count.    All Digital & Analog Modes are acceptable.

Points for QSO’s will be assigned thus:

Repeaters used once a day:                                                         1 point
Repeaters activated once a week for Local Nets only:            2 points
Repeaters that have not been kerchunked in over a year: 100 points

QSO Multipliers are thus:

ISS repeater multiplier                      =X(-100)
​2M band point multiplier                 = X (-5)
70cm band point multiplier             = X (0)
6M band point multiplier                 = X (10)
10M band point multiplier               = X (100)
33cm band point multiplier             = X (1000)
23cm band point multiplier             = X (1000)
above 23cm band point multiplier = X (10000)

Certificates will be awarded at 1,000,000 points with endorsement for each million points thereafter.  Full details of ROTA will be posted to the ARRL web site November 1, 2021.

-VA7SL reporting from ARRL HQ,  Newington CT,.

Real Cost of Ham Radio

Thanks to Kelly K7SU and all numbers are in US Dollars based on local market

In the GTA its fairly close but over $1M in Canadian bucks

Kelly decided to not have a girlfriend until he gets his shack back into play so add those costs nto the year 2 figures

Still this hobby is better than collecting stamps and playing XBOX , Playstation and attending Comicon