West Mountain N8XJK Booster and the Bioenno 20AH Battery Run Times

The booster will allow more run time and better radio efficiency as 13.8 volts plus or minus 15% is the range

Oh Oh my radio just shut off yeah the voltage dropped below 12 volts at 20a draw and the radio shut off. yes that is normal

buy the booster and go make 100 watt QSO for a few hours at the park or emcomm site

No Booster
With Booster

Field Radio Current Draw

FT-891 Current Drain
PowerAmpsdb Ref 5wS UnitsFT-817NDFT-818*FT-897DKenwood TS-480SATIcom 7000Icom 703
Receive1  0.360.40.661.11.20.55
1073   5.5692.7
208.561  7 10.3 
309.5    8.28.812.8 
4010.59   9.39.513.6 
5011.5    111115.3 
6012.4    11.711.516.1 
7013    12.812.517 
10015.4    15.61520 

I typically use 20w or 50 watts in the field so my Bioenno battery lasts longer or I can choose from my 9a, 12a or 18a version depending on how long I am out there

Hamfests Are Coming – Lets go Buy, Sell, Trade at the Hanover Haul August 28 2021

Hanover Ham Haul
28th  August 2021
Hanover Drive in theatre
033277 Grey County Road #28, Hanover, Ontario
8:00 am for vendors
9:00 am for general public

 Entry fee:
$5.00 per person, vendor or public.
$5.00 vendor space each.
If the vendor buys three spaces $5 is returned.

A special thank you to David VE3EBM for his organization.

You are invited!!
This is the third annual Hanover Ham Haul and is being held again in the Town of Hanover Ontario at the Hanover Drive In grounds.

The gate opens at 0800 for Vendors and at 0900 for public. The entry fee is $5 for each person and $5 per vendor space.
If the vendor buys three or more spaces, one entry fee of $5 is returned. Children under 12 are free.
All proceeds after expenses go to the support of local charities.

The Drive In concession will be open for drinks, hot dogs, fries, popcorn and the washrooms.
The washrooms will be cleaned and sanitized as per Covid 19 requirement.

All persons entering the hamfest will be required to follow the Covid 19 Rules of spacing, use of masks and hand sanitizing.
Hand sanitizing stations will be available through the site.

This is one of the first Hamfests in Ontario this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions.
Lets get out and enjoy this opportunity to have fun, interact and support local charities.

See you there!!
David   VE3EBM

Picnic Table Ops PackTenna EFHW

I had a chance to meet up with Peter VE3VGS for some field ops. I wanted to see his voltage Booster from West Mountain Radio and his battery setup.

I brought my FT-817 go bag and my Icom 705 backpack with a PackTenna mini EFHW cut for 20m

While Peter was setting up his antenna and station wires I threw a water bottle with some para cord in a tree, connected 25 ft of RG174 cable to the FT817 and replied back to KD2JQK Steven in NJ calling CQ on 20m while I set up the 705 on 6m using a base loaded whip

We had a a nice 20 minute QSO chatting about Hockey and he was banging in at 59+20

Peter ran a long wire fed with a home made balloon and when he swapped antennas the PackTenna was several units higher so Peter figures he has a bad balun or the antenna was right for 20m. His antenna as an inverted V fed at the end is more of a NVIS which doesnt do anything on 20m. The radiation angle may have been too high to bounce off towards Belvidre, NJ. Experimentation, Experimentation and location

The park was in a valley so just to show you DX is DX wherever and whenever so just throw a wire up and go QSO

I ran out and bought a West Mountain PwrIso for my Power box and will add the Voltage Booster when they are back in stock to complete my scenario for a HIGH Power set up for my FT-891 and external AGM Battery . QRpers do not have to spend this kind of money these days hihi

Peter VE3VGS Ok we hear signals
The 32 ft MFJ mast holding up an end fed longwire with a 9:1 balloon in an inverted V
I tied off the PackTenna mini 20m EFHW to my Go Box bucket
He John the SWR is good once I use the LDG while I hear signals on 20m and nothing in 6m. Note the elevated 705 antenna mount which I then changed when I got back home to a different bracket
Peter running a FT891, a LDG tuner and an external battery to support 25A draw using the West Mountain Radio voltage booster
FT817 on 20m and 705 on 6m why? it just happened that way plus I wanted to try the elevated antenna mount I had made the night before

So arrive and on air in 10 minutes, 20 min qso and Peter still was not ready to transmit yet!

Rapid deployment Ham Radio rules!

USS Hornet Special Event

I finally got to work the USS Hornet ARC this weekend after being on board years ago. The station was not in operation as no members were present but the tour of the ship was awesome.

So I am ecstatic to finally work these guys. However, I did it on CW on 20m

No FT8 folks ….sorry

USS Hornet
Club Patch
Nice set up using Harris Radios

Icom 705 Firmware Update v1.26

Dont forget to update the CS-7-5 to 1.11

Changes from Version 1.24- When in the Center mode of the Spectrum scope screen, the REF level setting does not reflect the scope waveform during transmission.- This firmware update version 1.26 has been improved, so it will not reset settings and memories.If the firmware is updated from version 1.24 or earlier, the settings and memories are not reset. However, if the firmware is reverted to 1.26 from a later version (after 1.26), the settings and memories may be reset.

You cannot revert to firmware version 1.24 or earlier on the serial numbers listed below, which have firmware version 1.26 or later installed.IC-705    #32: Serial number 32001001 or later

IC-705    #33: Serial number 33001001 or later

IC-705-T  #36: Serial number 36001001 or later

IC-705    #37: Serial number 37001001 or later

Please note on the models listed above, if you revert to firmware version 1.24 or earlier, the audio will not be correctly output.

The CS-705 programming software used with this firmware can be downloaded here.

To update the firmware1. Download and unzip the firmware data (for example, 705E126.dat) and copy it into the “IC-705” folder that is on your microSD card.

2. Insert the microSD card with the firmware data into the transceiver. 

3. Update the firmware.

3-1. Display the SD CARD screen in the Menu. 

3-2. Touch “Firmware Update” on the SD CARD screen to open the FIRMWARE UPDATE screen.

3-3. Touch [▼] to scroll to the end of the screen to read all the precautions, after you read and agree with all the precautions, touch [YES]. 

3-4. The confirmation dialog recommends making a backup of the settings and memories, touch [YES]. We recommend that you make a backup of them in this step, because all the settings and memories may be reset after updating the firmware.

3-5. After the backup file is made, and the firmware selection screen is displayed, touch the firmware update data (for example, 705E126). 

3-6. Please carefully read all the precautions, and when you want to execute it, touch [Yes] for 1 second to start the firmware update.

3-7. When the update is completed, “Firmware updating has completed.” is displayed, and the transceiver will automatically restart.If the setting data needs to be converted, it may take some time to restart. 

4. If the settings and memories have been reset, load the settings and memories that have been backed up onto the microSD card.

4-1. Display the SD CARD screen in the Menu.

4-2. Touch “Load Setting” on the SD CARD screen to open the LOAD SETTING screen. 

4-3. Touch the file name of the saved file. 4-4. Touch “ALL,” and then the dialog “Keep ‘SKIP’ settings in the Repeater List?” is displayed, touch [YES].

4-5. The dialog “Load file? The new “REF Adjust” setting will be saved.” is displayed, touch [Yes].

4-6. After the loading ends, “COMPLETED! Restart the IC-705.” is displayed, restart the transceiver. 

After updating the firmware, the Version Information in the OTHERS Set will be as follows.

Main CPU: 1.26

Sub CPU: 1.01

DSP Program: 1.11

DSP Data: 1.00

FPGA: 1.01

DV DSP: 1.02

GPS: 13196

Bluetooth: 1.12