Icom 705 Current Drain

This shall clarify the “I need to know the power and battery drain before buying”

Maximum Output Power 5 W (BP-272), 10 W (13.8 V DC)

In portable mode, the IC-705 has the maximum output power of 5 W from the BP-272 which can last approximately 3 hours*. This is perfect for true 5 W QRP as well as the 0.5 W QRPp operations. Once you setup with a 13.8 V DC power source, you have up to 10 W.

* TX : RX : standby = 1 : 1 : 8 (The Power Save function ON, in the FM mode)

The back pack has 3 slots for spares so one could bring the backpack up to the cottage on a weekend and have fun with no PSU needed

Add a Goal Zero solar panel and you are good to go

Leave the 51A at home too

Who is this Masaco JH1CBX? Is she a Ham and a Singer YES?

JH1CBX Masaco’s Special Summer Concert and “GIGALAB”


On Saturday, August 10th, 2019, a YL ham, JH1CBX Masaco held a concert at the live house “Chicken George” in Kobe. (http://www.chicken-george.co.jp/)

MIX CHICKEN GRILL NIGHT Recruiting performers!  !

She is an active Japanese singer, and at the same time, she is also an active amateur radio operator. Chicken George is one of the most famous live houses in Japan, where more than 300 concerts are held every year. The seating capacity was about 150, and all tickets were sold out. The hall was full of people with expectations and excitement, who are not only music fans, but also amateur radio operators. When Masaco came out on the stage, they cheerfully welcomed her.

Some of her songs are based on amateur radio. A song named “Call Sign” describes a woman’s heart when she cannot see her boyfriend who has gone on an Antarctic Expedition for a long time. In the song, the woman tries to see him on the air, and calls his callsign many times. Another song, “Ham Radio World” includes the sounds of Morse codes. This song conveys the joy of amateur radio, and is loved by young hams in Japan.

She usually sings her songs at major Japanese amateur radio events such as Kansai Ham Festival or Tokyo Ham Fair. “One day, I’d like to sing at the Dayton Hamvention. I want all hams around the world to be connected with me, through amateur radio, and through my songs,” Masaco said with great passion.

On the next day, she hosted an event that celebrates the opening of “GIGALAB.” “GIGALAB” is the place for amateur radio operators’ recreation, where the GIGALAB radio club members can operate HF and D-STAR radios for free anytime. She called the first CQ using the IC-9700 at the event. Her future amateur radio and musical activities are greatly anticipated!

thanks to FBnews


<100W type>IC-7300
<50W type>IC-7300M
<10W type>IC-7300S

Masaco Visits Diamond Antennas

I checked with Diamond and the Camper Van is NOT FOR SALE

Mr. Fujita adding Masaco to the  JP1YKW D-STAR repeater as an admin

The HF5V is their famous antenna for HF

QRZ? 1 Charlie this is Masaco special event from Diamond Antenna factory


They have an Icom 705 protoype in the lab as they work on their new 705 friendly antenna


Whistler Wendy Thanks for all your Great Work!

Hi guys!

As all of you know, life brings change and with that I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I have left my position at The Whistler Group to pursue a new challenge. As many of you who know me know that I have always walked the fence between technical and creative and I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to help out my local art museum (Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art) and it is something I just couldn’t pass up. I want to thank you for your dedication and support to this community, I’ve had an amazing experience!

Whistler Wendy will always live on! I’m not saying goodbye per say, I’m just turning over the reigns to Scanner_Support who will provide all official announcements going forward.

Thank you again for making me feel so welcome to this group!

Happy Scanning!

p.s. and for those of you who don’t get the “so long and thanks for all the fish” reference – google it!

I dont think means Catfish or Kettle of Fish or Fish n Chips as many are thinking





Icom says Sorry – Apology and notice for delayed delivery of “Icom IC-705”

Adding the new 160m band for JA hams is causing delays with delivery expected to Rocket radio in Tokyo end of June

This will cover 430-440 Mhz as the JA version pending FCC approvals for the 440-450 Mhz band segment

UK will offer the awesome 4M band which is in between 2m and 6m (no PMR offfering)

Thank you for your continued support of ICOM products.

Regarding the HF-430MHz all-mode 10W transceiver “IC-705” that was scheduled to be released in late March 2020, in addition to delays in parts arrival due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, a part of the current radio station license procedure rules Due to various procedures related to reacquisition of the technical standard conformity certification number due to the revision, production was postponed. As a result, delivery of the product is delayed, causing a great deal of inconvenience to many customers. Deeply apologize.

With the completion of the acquisition of the new technical standard conformity certification number and the mass production system in place, we will start shipping the display machines for dealers. For customers who have already reserved, we will deliver it after mid-June, so please wait for a while.

Icom Global


The technique number for the new product IC-705 has been changed. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is necessary for customers who applied for a license / change with the old IC-705 number to apply for a technique number change (transmitter replacement application). So I will let you know.


We have re-applied for the technical standard conformity certification of IC-705, because the radio wave type such as J3E is permitted in the 1.9MHz band by the legal revision on April 21, this year.

The re-examination has been completed, and the approval number for IC-705 is now “002-200001” instead of “002-190006” that was previously posted on our website.


Therefore, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers who have already applied for a license / change application with the old skill number “002-190006”. (Transmitter replacement application) is required.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our customers who were preparing for the release. Please consider the situation carefully and respond accordingly.


<Notes on license application / change application>

With the recent revision of the law, it is now possible to operate in the SSB / AM / RTTY mode in addition to the conventional CW in the 1.9 MHz band. With the IC-705, it is now possible to operate 4MA in a 1.9MHz band with a 4 amateur license. Please fill in the application form as shown below.


3 amateurs or more 1.9MHz band 3MA A3E J3E 10W
4 flax 1.9MHz band 4MA A3E J3E 10W


Due to the revision of the Radio Law in which public comments are currently being sought, the contents of the collective code are planned to be changed, but at present, A3E and J3E are not included in the collective code (3MA, 4MA), so the above Please fill in.


that’s all


Icom Announces Delay in Delivery of New IC-705 Transceiver

04/06/2020Icom has announced that delivery of the new IC-705 HF – 430 MHz all-mode 10 W transceiver, which was scheduled to be released in March, has been pushed back to later this year because the coronavirus pandemic has delayed the delivery of some components. “We are sorry to share this disappointing news,” Icom said, “and as soon as we have more information, we will post it on our website and social media pages.” Many radio amateurs had made reservations for the IC-705.

Icom 705 Current Consumption Chart

Frankly its perfect for a field ops radio

Current consumption <Using external power supply 13.8V>
Standby: Approx. 260 mA
Maximum reception volume: Approx. 320 mA
Maximum transmission output: 3 A or less (10 W)

<When 7.4 V is applied to the battery terminal>
Standby for reception: Approx. 400 mA
Maximum reception volume: Approx. 700 mA
Maximum transmission output: 2.5 A or less (5 W)

May the hoarding of BP-272 batteries and the purchase of small form Bioenno batteries begin!