Trenton/Quinte International Air Show Scanner Frequencies 2016

The Trenton airshow is always a big draw and a great weekend jaunt to see fighter jets and airplanes in action. A radio scanner adds to the enjoyment.


Here are some frequencies to get you started and bold denotes most likely to be active

128.700 Tower
128.400 Terminal

123.350 Helo
272.100 Snowbirds
246.500 Snowbirds
242.600 Snowbirds
116.000 Snowbirds
123.600 Snowbirds
118.000 Snowbirds
119.000 Snowbirds
117.000 Snowbirds
119.200 Snowbirds
123.100 Snowbirds
146.500 Snowbirds
149.150 Base Operations
122.350 Base Operations
232.100 Tiger SAR Operations
121.900 Ground
127.950 Base Operations

135.450 ATIS

From time to time, frequencies for air show teams do change, by design or by need, so it’s important to know where to search for potential new frequencies. Having a second scanner with the Close Call capability will help locate the AirBoss freq as well

You should be able to locate most air show activity at the event you are attending by search­ing in the frequency bands below. If you have a scanner or a second one that has the Close Call or Signal Stalker functions, that will help you determining the active frequencies in use during the show.

118.000-137.000 25 kHz search steps (AM)

122.700-123.575 25.0 kHz search steps (AM)

138.000-144.000 12.5 kHz search steps (AM/ Narrowband FM or NBFM)

148.000-150.800 12.5 kHz search steps (AM/ NBFM)

162.000-174.000 12.5 kHz search steps (NBFM)

225.000-380.000 25.0 kHz search steps (AM)

380.000-400.000 12.5 kHz search steps (NBFM and AM)

406.100-420.000 12.5 kHz search steps (NBFM)


The line up should include the following:

Canadian Snowbirds

CF-18 Hornet Demo

USAF F-22 Raptor Demo Team

USAF F-22 Heritage Flight

Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association

CWHM B-25J Mitchell

CWHM Lancaster

P-51D Mustang “Quick Silver”

Rick Volker Harvard Mk. IV “Harvard Extreme”

Kent Pietsch Cadet

Canadian SkyHawks Parachute Team

RCAF CC-177 Globemaster III

RCAF CC-130H Hercules

RCAF CC-130J Hercules

RCAF CH-146 Griffon SAR Demo

Static aircraft include:

USAF B-52H Stratofortress

RCAF CC-150 Polaris

RCAF CH-147F Chinook

RCAF CT-142 Dash8

RAF E-3D Sentry AEW1

Fuerza Aérea Mexican

Try these for the US Heritage flight:

Air Force ACC Heritage Flight
122.475 123.150 123.475 136.475
136.575 136.675 375.925 376.025 384.550

Air Force ACC F-22A Raptor Flight Demonstration Team:
East Coast Demo Team – 1 FW Langley AFB, Virginia
233.225 236.550 252.775 292.700
308.600 375.925 376.025 384.550

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