Mass Protest Planned Over Dues Increase

​Mass Protest Planned Over Dues Increase2/23/20212 Comments 

​The recently announced increase to the North Fraser Amateur Radio Club’s (NFARC) annual membership fee has sparked outrage amongst a radical group within the membership. For the last two years, dues have been held steady at $0.00 per year (tax included) but at last month’s meeting the executive passed a motion increasing them by 5000%.
“This was done without consulting any of the members,” said a disgruntled member, “I’m no mathematician, but I know a big number when I see it and 5000% is a lot.”

Another club member, wearing a MAGA hat (Make Amateur Great Again) was overheard at a local Pizza Gate restaurant discussing a planned protest on 146.520 MHz.  According to the parents of one protestor, their son was told to meet on 6.52 next Wednesday and wait for instructions. It is suspected that the group’s leader will then encourage them all to QSY to 147.420 and storm the frequency. If the storming of 7.42 succeeds, this will be only the second time that frequency has been stormed since the founding of the 2 meter band.

Reached for comment, an NFARC exec member said, “This is the sort of crazy behavior we have seen from this group from time to time. They get all their information from loud mouths on the FOX repeater and never question any of it.”
But what is the truth? The investigative news program 60 Meters caught up with the club’s President of Keeping the Money, who confessed the group had made some mistakes. “Look,” he said, “2020 was a tough year for everyone, especially our club. The worse was that we got sold on supporting this crazy Canada Hub idea. It sounded great at first. There was mention of Raspberry Pies for each province, who wouldn’t vote for that? But then we found out how big Canada actually is. Who knew? Running that much Ethernet cable was well beyond our budget.”

In anticipation of the mass protest, police are now monitoring 2 meters and making anyone within 500 kHz of 7.42 QSY. They may even impose radio silence at sundown.

Trying to strike a reconciliatory mood, NFARC Presidential candidate Adrian VE7NZ declared: “We are better than this. We cannot let a few radicals destroy our hobby. We cannot let fringe groups desecrate the hallowed frequencies of 6.52 and 7.42. We must unite under one band plan. We must represent all amateur operators, even the robots on DMR.” If elected, he promises to reduce next year’s dues by at least 100%. Meanwhile, MAGA has proactively declared that the election is rigged.
By Adrian VE7NZ 

Editors Note: Adrian VE7NZ is already a President of North Fraser ARC despite being impeached twice, however failing to be convicted by the required 2/3 vote in the NFARC Senate on both occasions. – Scott VA7SL

VE3IPS Comment: I have heard these MAGA “Proud Hams” running comms on 6.52 and 7.42 HF USB using NVIS style antennas with FT817 manpacks and they keep saying something about SSTV on CH1 FM.

Icom 705 Headset – Yeah it is a Heil

Handie Talkie Headset (HTH) for 2-pin iCOM

The new Handie Talkie Headset (HTH), from Heil Sound, is a single-sided, lightweight headset designed for use with popular handheld transceivers. The HTH provides hands free and discreet two-way communication while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended use in moderate noise environments. It features a left or right ear adaptable earpiece and an in-line Push-to-Talk switch.

The HTH is being introduced with pin-outs for three handie talkies – iCom, Yaesu, and Kenwood – and plans are underway to offer additional models. 

  • HTH-I: Works with 2-pin Icom 

I use this on my ID-51 and ID-31 and works brilliantly on the 705. Rejoice fellow Icom705ers

705 Remote App

705 Remote


Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image
Screenshot Image

This is an unofficial app for remote control of the IC-705 via Bluetooth.

– Band switching
– Mode switching
– Filter switching
– Frequency change by dialing
– S-meter display
– Step switching for frequency change
– Switching the destination CI-V address

– Please pair IC-705 with a smartphone before starting the application.
– If the stack for band switching does not appear, please restart the application.
– If you select a mode that cannot be set, it will return to the radio setting after a few seconds.

– Tap the left/right half of the dial to change the frequency in steps.

– We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this application.

How to catch the two letter call jammer on VE3TWR UHF and VHF REPEATERS

This popular ham has been jamming the TFM Communications Society repeaters for years now.

We caught him, knocked on his door, denied everything, and continued jamming away as ISED and CRTC do no have any mandates to charge anyone.

He also stated “the evidence you have on me is worthless as ISED does not prosecute bad hams and I know the guys there and they know me”

So “F off and get off my property before I call the 51 Division”

OK No Problem Have a nice Day

How did he get away with it for so long?

  1. Telling everyone Fox Hunts are a waste of time.
  2. Preventing TFM club members to discuss the jammer problem and to avoid any training
  3. Telling everyone to ignore the jammer as he will go away – he did not
  4. Ignoring the problem on air so no one decides to be a RF Investigator
  5. Jamming the Fox Hunt to prevent anyone from gaining any training
  6. Operating mobile so the signal and location varies
  7. Telling everyone NETS are bullshit
  8. Telling Everyone that GTA ARES is bullshit
  9. Telling everyone that Simplex 52 is bullshit and the only way to make contacts is on the repeaters
  10. He also had remote control of the repeaters so he could shut them on and off at will.
  11. Not listing his address on, never doing a broken radio deal at his QTH but always at some coffee shop far from his house, never telling anyone his QTH when mobile and never ever saying anything that may provide a location cue. This is a smart professional jammer at work here and seems to have a mind of a con man or scammer.
  12. Avoids Hamfests and social interactions with other ham radio guys
  13. Does not use Digital radios as they broadcast a unique ID and callsign that would be displayed on a radio thus indicating who the jammer was – best to just use analog radios as they cant be detected.



We had an assumption as to who he was but needed to dig deeper to find out if it was true.

So how did we catch the bad ham?

Over time he got lazy and started playing music on a Saturday afternoon from his home QTH. Signals strengths were noted from several hams. We had several hams use direction finding techniques to confirm the general area as we knew from a snitch that he lived in a certain area.

We then pin pointed to better DFing by moving in closer to the area to get a more precise location.

Checking his signals from 3 locations that he frequents often and also doing DFing to there as we knew he was jamming as a mobile as well. He mostly jammed mobile and you could here him shifting gears and braking and even the turn signals being heard.

Listening to his normal talk and noting that he listens to a certain national broadcast station that pops up when he jams using funny voices and a voice changer app on his Apple smartphone. He has a MAC computer as well using Garage Band to make recordings.

Understanding when he wakes up and seeing he jams after his breakfast that some would be calling lunch was helpful to understand living patterns. Night owls also like jamming at night and that was another pattern that showed up.

Mostly social engineering and some basic RF Surveillance techniques with skills learned and practised at a Fox Hunt.

After the Knock on his Door he changed his ways, he never jammed from home anymore, he never ever checked into nets (he never did) but tried to get others to not check into nets, continued telling everyone how delusional they were and actually blamed some hams that were near his home. He was even referred to “Jamming from Eglington” jammer by many as guess what that’s not far from his 10-20.

Of course, we confirmed and ruled out local area hams who in fact actually confirmed and help us get evidence against him.

Now we found his address quite by accident because we had nothing to go with expect the ISED database and info that he did not provide any details.

One of the RF DFers was sitting in his car sipping a coffee and the guy drove right by and “pinned the needle” on his radio so he followed him for a few blocks and noted his address.

Ok so now we could validate lights ON, car in driveway, jamming matching those details as well to the plotted Radio Frequency Heat Map in a small spreadsheet.

Bingo we got the jammer and 7 individuals all confirmed the data sets under scrutiny and confirmed “we Got our jammer”

What is sad the jamming continues and new entrants and copy cat jammers arrived to the scene and the “Bad Ham” continues jamming but blames it on others even though we ruled out that the jammer was too far away and out of city at times to be the jammer.

He accused one guy of jamming all the time even when the guy said “Jamming from me? sorry I cannot hit the repeater from Peterboro where I spend my weekends fishing and have the gas station receipts to prove it so please be very very careful with your accusations”

This is how a Bad Ham works and he jams because he hates some people, is jealous of them, has a bone to pick with radio club members, mental health or alcohol and substance abuse issues or is so Narcissistic that he feels he is the “King of Ham Radio” as he is in a powerful position within the Ham Radio community.

This will probably be good for another post but this bad ham is a radio expert as well and determined one could “Spoof” a radio or DMR ID. Thus in the DMR mode it broadcasts the user id. In fact all digital modes do the exact same.

So he did a ton of jamming on various Nets (broadcasted at specific times) using someone elses DMR ID code thus thowing blame elsewhere but since he was on a suspected bad ham list we actually knew what times and where he could jam from. He did this from his home so we were able to time stamp the jamming from his house and then DF accordingly using proper equipment. He hated DMR so chose to jam it until the repeater owner gave up and sold off his 5 DMR repeaters and the demise of VE3XPR was done. Many remember how awesome DMR was back in the day when Don ran the Golden Horseshoe Talk Group and several local Nets were popular in the community.

Users have shifted from Analog to Digital and continue to do so as they find the jamming on Analog repeaters to have become tiresome and unsavory. The jamming has always been targeted against the TWR repeaters but I have heard stories about the “cesspool” in Hamilton on several repeaters and the toxic behavior going on there as well.

Sadly, we have systemic ham racism in Canada and systemic jamming in Canada and they are intertwined tightly but not enough to start a “Ham Lives Matter” movement.

All we could do is spend months of Jammer Hunting to try to stop it but in the end we have identified the jammer but have still not solved the jamming problem.

I see this on HF as well on 14.313 or 7.200 and even on many 80m nets so the problem is always there but come on do you really have to disrupt an ARES net or a COVID health and Welfare net?

HamRadio jammers are everywhere these days and its just considered a part of the Hobby

At what point in your life do you just STOP?

For GTA Hams Only

Recommended Repeater Operating Procedures

  1. Use simplex wherever possible freeing the repeater for necessary uses.
  2. Monitor the repeater (listen) or determine if the repeater is in use and if there are any peculiarities in its operation. After listening for a few seconds, identify, un key and listen to see if it was quiet for a reason and to allow someone to let you know if there is a reason not to continue (low audio, low signal strength, etc). Then, if all OK, proceed.
  3. Don’t break into a contact unless you have something to add. Interrupting is no more polite on the air than it is in person. Interruption without identification constitutes malicious (and illegal) interference.
  4. Use the minimum power to key up the repeater. To make contact, simply indicate that you are on frequency. For example “VE3ZZZ monitoring”. Do not kerchunk.
  5. Remember Amateur Radio transmissions are being monitored by many non-hams with scanners. Be mindful of your language and your manners. Please don’t bring disrepute on the Amateur Radio Service.
  6. Repeaters are intended to facilitate mobile and portable operation. During rush hours, base stations should relinquish the repeater to commuting mobiles. Some repeater owners have strict rules requiring this.
  7. Keep transmissions short and thoughtful. Do not monopolize the repeater. Pause between transmissions to allow other Amateurs to identify themselves if they wish to use the repeater. Pausing also allows the timer to reset, avoiding a “time-out”.
  8. Identify legally. In Canada that means at the beginning and end of a contact and every thirty minutes of operation.
  9. Repeaters are installed and maintained at considerable expense and inconvenience. Regular users of a repeater should financially support the individual or club owner in their efforts to keep the repeater working properly.