Yaesu Serial Number and Date of Manufacturing Decoder

How to decode Yaesu serial numbers and  know exactly when your Yaesu radio was manufactured

serial number of 9J271567
Position 1 = year made
Position 2 = month made

C = January

D = February

E = March

F = April

G = May

H = June

I = July

J = August

K = September

L = October

M = November

N = December

Position 3 and 4 = lot number(s)
Position 5 to 8 sequence in that lot

Position 1: last digit of the year in which the radio was produced
Position 2: Determine the position of the letter in the alphabet (C=3,D=4,E=5, etc)
then subtract 2.
The result gives the month in which the radio was manufactured.
Note that the letters will range from C (January) through N (December).
Thus, my FT-817 radio with a serial number of 9J271567 would have been manufactured in 2009 (9), during the month of August (J, August is the 8th month),  was part of lot 27, and was the 1567th radio in that lot.



  1. Peter OZ6FH · November 3, 2016

    How do I see the difference for 2004 and 2014


  2. Mr B · June 3, 2017

    Excellent *****A*****


  3. g4ydmone · September 11

    Reblogged this on Ham Radio By John Allsopp G4YDM and commented:
    Hope this is useful to you. 73 de John G4YDM


  4. Steven Glazzard · April 4

    A friend has a strange Serial Number on his FRG-7 Unit, (Grey Case), being: 150G 300374. Does anyone know the year of manufacture from this Serial Number?


    • ve3ips · April 4

      I bought my FRG-7 back in the 1970s. I remember it was like $300 or so which was the price almost of a car. It was based on the brilliant Barlow Wadley loop design. However, who knows what the serial number code was but its a great radio and I really liked the ability to put batteries in it and use it in a tent in the field.


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