Buddipole 6m Beam KG6WTF Design


I have finally gotten around the past few months to build out the Buddipole 6m beam

You really need the extra bits from their 6m yagi kit to make it proper but since its all modular there is a chance to “plug and play” and experiment. I did such a thing and tried out the 2 element version. It worked well and we had some propagation going that allowed me to make some skip contacts into the usa. I was concerned about my proof of concept falling apart so i spent more time taping it up than building it.

Mount this atop a Painter Pole and you can strong arm the rotation

I had several range tests on 6m FM and SSB with a few locals that confirmed that the beam adds some punch to the signal.

A prepper pvc version is in the works as well as a 2m version for SOTA style SSB – stay tuned






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