Peel Amateur Radio Club is hosting their annual NVIS event today

Last year I ran an endfed antenna and if my energy is up today I hope to try out several antenna designs and do some a/b/c testing

I will use the Yaesu FT-991 after running it through the software updates that adds the 5mhz band and my MilPack radio. The milpack will use the NVIS whip at around 10 watts. The Yaesu will be 50 watts battery power. I found a perfect pelican case for it with room for a power unit as well.

I will write something up at one point but the proof of concept worked out with just a battery and the Norcal Doublet. The built in tuner struggled a bit as it needs an swr of less than 3 to work and I may look at using the LDG tuner as an add on (which handles more swr range). We will see today how it works as one of the NVIS antennas is a broadband one needing a tuner.

The goal of this event is to make contacts and talk to other operators using NVIS techniques.

No restrictions on operation, just get on the air and operate with your best NVIS antenna. Bands of interest are 40 m, 60 m, and 80 m, depending on conditions. We suggest this identifier when calling to make it easier to identify participants: ‘CQ NVIS Ontario “Call Sign”’.

Sunday Sept 24, 2017, 13:00 – 18:00 EDT

Suggest frequencies:

SSB: 3.700-3.750; 5.3305, 5.3465, 5.3570, 5.3715, 5.4035; 7.040-7.070

CW: 3.550, 5.3305, 5.3465, 5.3570, 5.3715, 5.4035; 7.030