Yaesu FTDX10 vs Icom 7300 HF Radios Which one?

Yaesu FTDX10 vs Icom 7300 HF Radios   Which one?

I had a chance to play around with the Yaesu radio as well as chat with actual owners. I do own the 7300 and have spent time on the FTDX10 and its bigger brother.

Yaesu is using a hybrid SDR and Superhetrodyne approach (offers better front end overload protection of the ADC)

3D Panoramic display (wow!)

12khz, 3 Khz and 300 hz roofing filters is a big plus (9Mhz First IF) for improved signal handling

Can add a crystal 300 Hz CW filter as an option for better cw performance

FTDX10 is 3rd place on Sherwood list (FTDX101 and Flex 6700 are 1 and 2)

Can decode CW, RTTY and PSK to the screen

External Video display connector

Menu and sub-menu are typical Yaesu style (confusing)

Odd multi connector for amplifier interface (not a phono or 1/8” jack) needs a separate cable SCU-28

Multi Purpose VFO outer dial allows some functions to be accessed easily (clarifier, band or mode changes for example)

Hand mic offers 4 function keys for enhanced operation

SD memory card slot for updates and audio recording

LCD display larger than 7300

Half the price of its big brother FTDX101

The Icom 7300 has been out for years and bests the 991 and 991a but Yaesu responds back with the FTDX10 and its is a better radio performance wise for contesters, DXers and those spending time on the low bands

The Yaesu is $500 more expensive but the better performance capabilities and the roofing filters makes it worth it. I think a hybrid SDR/SH approach may be the better way.

You can use CW filter down to 50Hz with no ringing and the roofing filter is key here as it is on SSB to keep unwanted signals outside the ADC and IF stream.

Those wanting to upgrade their 991(a) should keep that for excellent 2m/70cm capability and add the FTDX10 as the prime HF radio.

With display issues again on Icom HF radios ie 7610 buyers need to be aware but the 7300 has had no display issues.


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  2. Wil Robinson · June 10

    I occasionally think I’d like a new rig. My most recent one is an FT-857. It’s nice for mobile with HF, VHF, UHF in a compact size. However as you point out, menus are less than satisfactory.

    My favorite rig, which replace my Heath HW-101, is the FT-900. Big. Heavy. But buttons for everything. I ran it mobile for a long time. Built-in ATU was nice.

    73 de n6bvz/4 wil


  3. ve3ips · June 17

    My 857D has lost its finals on 70cm as its now only 2 watts and the display now has some lines on it. I cant recommend this great radio at this time. I got a second FT-991 to take over the 857D duties but its too heavy for my military back pack. I know a few 857D owners having similar issues


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