Icom 705 Akhibara BNC Clip Mount

Did you notice how the BNC elbow has affected the SWR of the rubber duck or 1/4 whip antenna?

Solve that problem with the clip mount that Diamond is making called the MCR or this version I got in Japan in the Akhibara district. I think I got it from Rocket Radio


Icom 705 SuperAntenna Mount

I realized i could use one of my SuperAntenna mounts for the 705.

I need a mount for the SO-239 connector needed for the Comet HFJ-350M Toy Box antenna

I drilled out the 3/8 stud mount and added the Diamond M connector (SO-239) mount.

All set and it bolts onto the side of my Icom 705 radio tray

Icom 705 Transmit Memory Keypad Box

This is a simple build out to be able to trigger the voice and CW memories (up to 8 of them.)

Here is the schematic from the manual

Icom 705 Keypad Schematic

Here is a photo of the box in action. I used switches that allowed me to drill a hole and and use the supplied hardware to install.

The 3 pin audio cable solves the interface problem and I used a jack so I can disconnect the cable when packing the unit in the backpack.

Took 30 minutes on a rainy afternoon to make it.





Wednesday – Oct. 14, 21, & 28 at 7:30 PM (MDT) – D-Star Picture Net on REF072D w/REF055D backup. The RS-MS1A Android App (available in Google Play) users with the ID-31A, ID-51A PLUS (anniversary model) and 51A Plus2, IC-705, ID-4100, ID-5100, and IC-7100 radios will need the OPC2350LU data cable. If the Bluetooth module is installed in the 4100 and 5100 then the cable is not needed. The RS-MS1l App (available in iTunes Store) for iOS users can also be used with the ID-4100 radio only. The IC-9700 users are welcome and encouraged to join too. We will be exchanging pictures, text messages, and positional information.

There is a free Windows app, ST-4001W from ICOM and ST-4001A (available on Google Play) that processes any .jpg or .png picture to the right pixel size and can add a signature or label to the edge. You can use the ST-4001 app to send the formatted picture over ethernet to the radio *or* just copy it into the /IC9700/Pictures folder on the IC-9700 formatted microSD card or to the Android device. Once the photos you want are copied, you can just plug the microSD back into the 9700 radio. The new pictures are then available to send from the choices that are available when the PICTURE menu is opened on the radio.

Here is how we rate the pictures on the net. It depends on how many blocks are missing in the received picture.

P-1= Perfect picture

P-1 Minus= 1-5 blocks missing

P-2= less than 25% of blocks missing

P-3= less than 50% of blocks missing

P-4= less than 75% of blocks missing

P-5= No picture

After the picture has been sent the net control will poll each check in by voice to get a picture report at their location.

The Kenwood D74 handheld will work with the RS-MS1A Android App. First pair the handheld with the Android device via the radios Bluetooth. Start the App and go to the Application Settings. Tap to select a transceiver model. Select Other (Bluetooth) then close.

The format for this net is much like a voice net in that check ins will be taken and then the NCS will direct when the stations will send their pictures.




Icom 705 Home Made Stand – A DIY project from across the pond GW4MBS


I bought my 705 purely as a driver for microwave bands. I use it either at home or portable where I operate from the back of a Land Rover. There is always the risk that kit can get squashed or dropped so I wanted something to protect the rig. The extended top plate gives some protection for the front panel & helps shield sunlight from the screen. The lower plate extension has a hinged support that allows the rig to be tilted upwards. Because of the thickness of the support bar & because it rests in front of a pair of extended rubber feet, the rig doesn’t topple even when the screen or buttons are pressed. The rig is cushioned on a piece of thick rubber sheet & secured by 4 screws into the rig mounting holes.

It was made from bits I had lying around. No doubt a more sophisticated frame could be devised, but this might give some ideas.

Clive GW4MBS (ex-G8ADP)
Pottering on 6m – 3cm in a valley where any QSO is a triumph of optimism over geography!


VE3IPS: I  love the fast innovation and creativity for this wonderful Icom radio …its quirky no doubt about it. I think this is my first contribution post and hopefully many more.

RH770 Antenna for the Icom 705 and the Smiley Triband

Notice how when using the BNC L adapter the SWR on your favorite HT Antennas is over 3 to 1?

The L adapter adds to the length of the antenna throwing its design frequency off the charts. You must use an external mount to avoid the use of the adapter.

Also, the Japanese and MFJ antennas are cut for 430 MHz not 440 Mhz again having a higher SWR for North American repeaters

If you adjust the antenna length of the 770 below the trap then SWR will drop to 1.2 to 1 for 440 Mhz

The Smiley antenna is telescopic and works fantastic on 440 and 146