Ozzipole Antenna Build Out – DIY

Ozzipole Antenna Build Out – DIY

The lads down under came up with the Kangaroo version of a Buddipole with a interesting design twist. These guys down under never sleep when it comes to creativity in the world of antennas

Naturally, as an antenna experimenter I just HAD to build this vegamite version

Here is the canuck version and it took a few iterations in the waterfall design methodology to get it right. I did not implement the 40m or 80m windings as these short antennas are too inefficient to make reliable QS0s at QRP levels

This is my version. I chose to use binding posts for the center mount as i may use this mount for other antennas. I treat all these antenna designs as lego blocks that can be mixed and matched with other antenna design components.

I chose a BNC jack as that is what my Buddipole and Packtenna baluns use

I did find I had to adjust the whip lengths for best swr as my PAC-12 and Buddipole  whips are 72″ and the ozi design uses 36 inch lengths. At first I was dumbfounded as the swr was several MHZ below each tap setting and after several WTF moments and checking the connections again I just figured I needed to shorten the whip length.

I looked at the end results and it then hit me that the whip length on the oz- design had to be shorter and a quick check of the manual confirmed that.

I designed the ozi pole to have 3/8-24 threaded antenna connections so that I could use the whips I had on hand.

Its a great antenna and after finding the sweet spot I was able to make some quick contacts into Europe and South America and yeah several K6, N3 and K5s

The antenna is a keeper and sits in the Buddipole, Pac-12 and Packtenna hall of fame

The whip element i used was 48″ with radio shack whip
attached to my MSR mast with custom mount
I chose to use a binding post approach for antenna connections in case i decided to toss the antenna. The antenna passed the ve3ips tests
I love hardware stores and the center mount is available in your electrical section
A 8 foot antenna is a joke on 40m so i did not make these winding’s with a focus on 20m and up
Nirvana is achieved right out of the box for the 20m qrp cw calling frequency….qrz??
Once I got a baseline swr it took 3 minutes to nail it down and blip out a CQ on the qrp cw channel.
I have pdf versions of the ozzipole antenna available if you wish to build one as the kits have gone qrt…just email me for a copy
I had a good go with this antenna pushing out 20watts on the yaesu 857d making easy contacts on 20m and 10m
I had a super kerchunk into the clubs 6m repeater once I took the pocket tape measure to get the 54″ figured out but my antenna analyzer is not 6m equipped
The Yaesu 857D is the standard for operations beyond the 5w qrp. Let’s call it MQRP for medium power QRP at 20 watts
Nicely done John;  I like the adaptation to suit locally available bit and pieces.   The inventive spirit of Amateur Radio is still alive!


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