Icom 705 Survey Monkey Product Feedback and Improvement Lifecycle

Icom 705 Survey Monkey Product Feedback and Improvement Lifecycle

We are months away before the awesome Icom 705 hits the North American shores for sale

There is demand for the Icom 705 Plus version (includes a Tuner) and a bigger BP-style battery pack

Here is the survey


Thanks for you help as I work with Icom to release the radio we wanted in the first place beyond a 7300/9700 mashup


Xiegu G90 Works K1MOON

I just threw a wire off the back deck with a balun and turned the radio on a there was K1M special event station to celebrate the landing on the moon

I worked him with 10 watts SSB on 20m no problem! and QSL was received

This radio offers 20 watts, SDR design and a built in tuner

I got my from Jerry Wagner at Connect Systems and you you call him to get one and mention my name he may give you a special discount

Icom can learn from Xiegu, if they can put a antenna tuner in a field radio then so can the Icom 705 Plus version