New Yaesu HF Mobile FT-891 announced at Dayton 2016

Move over 817, 857 and 897 and the D and ND variants the new HF mobile is here

I see  it similar to the FT-991 less Fusion in order to bring economies of scale together

Looks like an interesting radio and a welcome update to the long line of rugged Hf mobile radios coming from Yaesuland


Here is a test report  from secure yakuzo japanese sources





New Kenwood D-Star and APRS Announced at Dayton 2016

Kenwood announced a new D-Star handheld that also offers APRS at Dayton yesterday

No model number or pricing available but I will be pestering my Japanese snitches over the next few days to uncover more 411

Its the similar D72A form factor and hopefully the battery and accessories will be the same but I doubt that

The Japanese ham radio market has been a bit sluggish as the Japanese economy is struggling with Abenomics but with a new radio on the horizon the salarymen have something to spend their bonus on at Rocket radio in the Akhibara


Why D-Star? Well its growing due to all the DV4mini and DVAP boards allowing access to the D-Star network using the internet and its very well established repeater base especially in Japan. Plus adding APRS is a killer feature as many Japanese cliff dwellers like to leave their tiny apartments to go operate in the field  and use APRS and qrp radios like the FT-817

new kenwood dstar




Elecraft KX-2 Shirt Pocket Radio announced for Dayton 2016

Elecraft KX2. Elecraft will feature the KX2 at Four Days In May (FDIM) and the Dayton Hamvention.


Full details from the Elecraft press release


New KX2 radio to be announced this Thursday at the Dayton Hamvention 2016

Hello to all,

We are please to announce a new radio to complement the KX3 and the KX-Line.  Here are the details.

What:  Elecraft announces the KX2, Ultra-portable radio
When:  Thursday, May 16th, 1300Z
Where:  Four Days In May QRP event, part of the Dayton Hamfest activities

Elecraft is excited to announce a new radio targeting the Ultra-portable market with a Fit-In-Your-Pocket size.  Please see the attached brochure for details.

– KX2:  $749.00

– Options and accessories:  Please see the table below for pricing.  Also see the FAQ for details.


Distributors are encouraged to order both the KX2 and accessories now.  The KX2 is already in production and early ordering will ensure your position for deliveries.

Note that the KX2 will be available in full, factory-built form only. 


Attached is the spec sheet



Dayton 2016 HF Pack Pedestrian Schedule

These frequencies will be monitored throughout the event:

3885am, 5357usb, 18157.5usb, 51.0fm, 144.3fm(151.4hz)

== 12:00 Noon AM MILITARY RADIO NET ==
Freq: 3885 kHz AM voice, open to all radios and operators. You will hear many military radio vintage types on this net.
After check-ins, meet at Flea Market space 3415
for pictures and views of some of the radios used
in the net. Joe WA4VAG is Net Control.

Freq: 18157.5 kHz USB voice
Operators are on the air, walking in the Flea Market
area at Dayton for this annual HFpack Portable
Pedestrian Mobile Net. DX check-ins will also be collected propagation permitting. [17:15 UTC – 18:00 UTC]

Dennis KB0SFP is Net Control. Meet up after the net in front of the Hara Arena for pictures.

== 2:30 pm COLD WAR NET ==
51.0 MHz FM voice
Open to all radios and operators. You will hear Military FM sets of all types from the Cold War period 1945-1989. Wideband or narrow-band FM is OK.After the net, meet at Flea Market space 3415 for pictures and to show off radios used in the net. John K9WT is Net Control.

HFpack/Milpack, Monitor all: 3996usb, 5357usb, 7296usb, 14342.5usb, 18157.5usb, 29.4fm, 51.0fm

KM1CC Cape Cod International Marconi Day

I finally got my QSL card to replace the one that disappeared in the mail and it was well worth it.

Being an italian-canadian will naturally have me be in admiration of Gugliemo Marconi and his work that helped propel worldwide communications forward.

I had the pleasure to not only work the special event station KM1CC but also bag a National Parks on the Air station as well. I had the pleasure of visiting the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center there several years ago and will post some photos up.

We must wait another year but there are other Marconi events throughout the year to participate in

20160518_120926 (1)



York Region Emergency Preparedness Fair May 4, 2016

York Region held their annual EP Fair at York Region HQ

FDP, YRPD, St Johns Ambulance, EMS and even Viva was there showing assets and technology. Indoors many representative tables provided information and guidance on being prepared.

You should have a 72 hour plan and can get more info at

York Region ARC as usual is involved at various levels with the municipal team and public safety teams to provide assistance in times of crisis. We had the trailer on display providing  a view on our clubs involvement to attendees while we also did a shakeout testing our equipment.

We did try to connect with the Calgary ARES group at Fort McMurray on HF





VE3IPS/VK3 Australia Beach Operations

I had the great luck to be in Melbourne this year and I decided to bring a small go bag for some operations.

For D-Star to chat with lads back home I brought my DV Dongle. Small and light and uses my PC and hotel wi-fi for connections to the D-Star network.

I had no luck with contacts back home dude to the 14 hour time difference.

For analog and mobile D-Star i brought my Icom 92AD. Lots of local FM activity was had but the D-Star coverage was spotty so it didnt work out. They have a very active CB band that is in the 467 Mhz range.

HF comms was managed with the trusty FT-817ND. I have mine fitted with the internal Windcamp Lion battery, an Elecraft T1 pocket tuner and the trusty Norcal Doublet. I brought a 20m telescopic whip (base loaded) and a long dual band whip for added gain.

What a treat it was to DX the asian broadcast stations and get a glimpse of sw conditions down under.

My early morning beach ops at Brighton Beach near the Yacht Club  was a success but only on 40m. The antenna was NVIS was range was limited but I managed to make contacts into Tasmania and up and down the ausie coast.

Bruce VK7AKX in Port Huron, NSW was worked on the 7087 Khz Comedy Net Maritime Mobile. Follow him on

It was a challenge to carry everything on a simple carry on bag and a Think Tank Camera Bag but it was worth it


I had a chance to feed the Kangaroos!


A view into Melbourne from the beach at the Yacht Club


Close Up view of the Norcal Doublet with some paracord and a Button insulator. The wire is just 50 feet of speaker wire split down to 22 feet with a loose knot and the rest is feedline to the T1 tuner. I think the impedance is around 200 ohms for the speaker twinlead. Not bad. Antenna works great and the length is decent enough for 40m and 20m. Very light antenna


This is NVIS when its only 4 feet off the ground to the closest support


Set up on the breaker wall…QRZ QRZ


Just steps away from the Yacht Club. Enjoyed a real Australian beach BBQ the night before


Was also down at Surf Beach on Phillip Island and the local surf boys love their bull bars on their 4wd trucks. Typical antenna is always mounted on the front. UHF CB is great with no skip to worry about means reliable communications but there are those using the CB Freeband with Trio-Kenwoods


vk7akx bruce2