Tarrifs NOW Affecting Cheap Hams – Get em NOW!

Today the US government starts charging a 25% import duty for radios from China. Almost all the DMR radios are made in China. We will honor the pre tariff price as long as we have stock of radios we bought before we have to pay extra for the radios. That applies to the CS580, CS800D, CS750, CS800, and CS801. The AnyTone price is set by AnyTone and they have not indicated how the tariff is going to affect the price. I would expert the AnyTone MAP to go beyond the $169 so now would be a good time to get one from us before we are forced to raise our price.

Jerry Wanger KK6LFS

Connect Systems Inc.


Hamfest for Beginners

I received a funny anon email with this link  Bang ON!

Hamfests for Beginners
Every new ham is soon introduced to a unique phenomenon called the “Hamfest”. This is short for “Amateur Radio Festival” and should be called an Amfest but you will soon see that we do all kinds of silly things starting with calling our hobby “ham radio” and ourselves “hams”.

To digress for a moment: Many people have asserted that the advent of the use of the term “ham radio” is unknown; cloaked in mists of time; or that it refers to the sending technique of old-time CW operators. I think I know why it was adopted. I think it was adopted to keep really cool people from crowding the airwaves and annoying radio operators who like to have nice conversations. You know. Sort of like contesters. By adopting just about the most unflattering name imaginable we have limited ourselves to about 800,000 hams, most of whom are inactive except on contest weekends when they are all active and tuning up on my net frequency. I mean, when was the last time you heard a 20 year old stud-muffin football player ask a cheerleader, “Do you want to come over to my house and hear some RTTY?” But that is for another time. We know we are cool. Who needs a drop dead gorgeous cheerleader? (AKA YL at 36 over 59) Well, for one, I d….ahem…


The idea behind the hamfest comes from ‘back in the day’ when people not only operated amateur radio stations; they also built the radios they used. They got together to sell and trade parts. And even with store bought radios, there was a time when a young “novice” radio operator could not really use the same radio that a general class or higher amateur could use. So there was a great market for used equipment and the need for a place to sell it. Remember this was before the internet. Or airmail not to put too fine a point on it. Hence Hamfests. And they continue to this day. You will soon learn that the average experienced ham radio operator changes radios every 37 days unless he has Collins gear in which case he only sells it to fund his retirement to Hawaii or a new airplane. (You will see Collins gear at hamfests but it is not really for sale. The guy is just showing off. He knows that nobody in his/her right mind would carry that kind of cash to a parking lot in the dead of night.)

And while we are on the subject let me clarify what I mean by ‘dead of night’. All hamfests start at 2 AM or some other ridiculous hour of the morning. Why? Because geezers can’t sleep? I don’t know. All I know is that if you are not the first person there you will not get the bargains. A word of caution. Before you look for bargains you will want to use the porta-potty. There will only be one because the club sponsoring the hamfest is too chea…that is to say, has not been assiduous in preparing for mostly older men stuffed with coffee, doughnuts and diuretics.

As you become more experienced you will come to understand that smart ‘festers’, as we sometimes call ourselves, have to buy a lot of stuff that we do not need for what may at first seem a doubtful purpose. We need stock to sell at the next hamfest. Once you understand why we need this it is not so doubtful at all. In getting this stuff we are preparing to be vendors at the next hamfest and thereby allowed to come in early! It does not matter if we sell any of it because getting in early is the whole point. This way we have time to buy all of the bargains before mere attendees are allowed inside the wire. I am not making this up. A few years ago I arrived at a hamfest, before sunup, to setup my stuff and a guy opened the hatch of my car and climbed in the back. Headlight and all! I figured it was too early in the morning for a carjacking and most carjackers do not wear headlamps and name tags but I was still startled until he asked me how much the gold D-104 was. I told him it was not gold it was rust….that is to say had the warm patina of vintage equipment and that the price tag was still on it from the last hamfest. I also mentioned to him that he needed new batteries for his headlamp which, as luck would have it, one of the commercial vendors was sure to have; right next to the flashing LED lights, tow bars, cords, cables and sirens for the ECOM folks.)

As you arrive at your first hamfest you will be purchasing your ticket for admission. This money will be used by the sponsoring radio club to support its repeater fund. (A repeater is a radio you put on top of a mountain and then bitch about maintaining because it is on top of a freaking mountain. And who wants to go up there and work on it and nobody uses it anyway except for the Tuesday night 2 meter net and most importantly it is not broken and whose bright idea was it to replace it anyway? Just because there is $76,112.00 in the repeater fund is no good reason to climb a mountain. I mean really? Sorry. I got off on a tangent. You will also buy $20.00 worth of $1.00 raffle tickets. The grand prize will be a two meter radio. The second prize will be a two meter HT. There are a variety of additional prizes which will range from a satellite book that the same poor guy tries to sell at every hamfest to a PL-259 with practically no wear at all. The important thing is that calling the ticket numbers for all of these prizes keeps the president of the club busy annoying you and me all morning. “And now everyone, check your tickets. We have a really nice, practically new, 6L6GC tube for the next lucky winner”.

That dealt with you are in. You will want to walk fast. You are looking for gems. It may seem at first that everyone there is selling used record albums, computer speakers and defunct computer games. They are. If this article serves one purpose alone it is to tell the amateur radio community once and for all that nobody wants to buy your used computer speakers or your wife’s old hair dryer. And oh by the way, labeling it a forced-air thermal circuit board dryer is fooling no one. It is a used hair dryer. Frankly, most tables look like a robot exploded in a Radio Shack store. But be not discouraged.

One thing you will quickly notice might even be a money-making opportunity for you. At the next hamfest you could make a fortune selling dust cloths and pledge-by-the-dose. A guy who once tried to shave his cat lest a cat hair gets caught in his antique straight key has somehow contrived to bring a Variac so covered in dust it looks like the hatch on a tank. (A Variac is a device used to bring old equipment “up to power” and though you will eventually buy one you will never use it. Never fear though, it is a great thing to sell at a hamfest.) So there is Mr. Variac owner, carting this stuff halfway across the state after having spent all night on EBay fanaticizing about how much it is worth but who did not have a moment to spare for hitting it with a can of air? I mean really Scarface, if you had not shaved that cat she would have dusted it for you.

So Mr. New Ham, you are there looking for three things; your fist HF rig, a power supply and an antenna. Oh yea. And the coolest looking microphone you can find. Four things. Looking to your right you see it. A great looking TS-930s. Now there is a nice first rig. Behind the table is a guy with a hat and a tag telling you his call sign and that his name is Bob. So up you go and ask how much the rig costs. Out comes a piece of paper with eBay on it showing the highest price ever paid for a TS-930S, probably by a snowbound drunk on a lonely Saturday night. Bob says, “Well, they are going on eBay for $1100.00 but I can let you have it for $700”. Of course Bob is temporarily deranged so you resolve to come back near the end of the hamfest when Bob is more concerned about taking “that giant electric thing” as his wife calls it back her laundry room than he is in beating the average on the eBay street. You buy a used coax jumper for $2.00 and move on.

Wait! Was that your number? It was. You won! A collectable 1946 call book remarkable because it has all of the current officers of the ARRL in it. Way to go. Beginners luck. You take it and your piece of coax to the car.

A great thing to buy at hamfests is an antenna and there are a bunch of them here. Buying an antenna is an act of faith. There is never an instruction book and every single one of them “worked when I took it down”. I guess you just have to go with the old adage, “any piece of aluminum is better than a hank of wire”. With the benefit of a drill and the local hardware store you can always make it look like a beam. (Beware of the guy who calls it a Yagi Uda antenna because he is a pompous a…that is to say showing off and the fact that he tells you it is missing a minor part called the “driven element – which you can get anywhere” should raise a red flag.) So always buy vertical antennas at hamfests. Two reasons. They are a real “value” and most importantly, they fit in the car.

Don’t forget the coax! I can think of no reason why you should not buy used coax at a hamfest. After all, that guy told you, “it worked fine when I replaced it”. You know that 800 watt amplifier you just bought? Not because it was on your list but who doesn’t want to go QRO? Remember how the guy selling it was honest enough to tell you that though, as a newbie, you could always “try” 100 watts for a while particularly if you mount that dipole at 200 feet, if you want to take advantage of all of the db’s of gain the amp is going to give, you need a great antenna and that means….coax. I’m sure that the old coax can easily handle 800 watts. What could possibly go wrong? Another trip to the car with your amp and 240’ of RG8 in “convenient 26 foot lengths”.

There is a FT-450 over there! That ought to drive my new-used amplifier, right? And there is a nice XYL sitting there smiling at you. Up you go and ask what it costs. She sweetly smiles and says that she does not know but that her husband has just gone to the porta-potty and he should be back in about an hour if the last two times he went are any indication. Sigh.

They just announced that the VE session is about to begin. Nobody moved.

They announced that some guy was checking QSL cards. Nobody moved.

They announce that the Ecom presentation is about to begin. Thirty six armed people in camouflage move.

You walk by the ARRL booth and sign up because they are giving out band charts and you will get a nametag with your call sign on it in the mail.

Moving on. Back by Bob’s table and the 930 is still there. It is almost closing time and you are encouraged to see that he has used his eBay printout as a coaster so you hit him with the line you have heard others use all day. “Bob. I wouldn’t blame you if you said no, but I bought this amplifier, this coax and these four microphones, and I only have $380.00 left. Can you let it go for that? He says yes, he can let you have it and offers to carry it to your car for you. He throws in a coax switch, something called a “low pass filter” which you will find out doesn’t really do anything but looks really cool and the 6L6GC tube Bob just won.

And there you have it. You have finished your first hamfest! You have a new radio, an amplifier, 4 microphones, some coax, a switch, a vertical antenna, a low pass filter, a highly collectable book, a band chart, the promise of an official name tag and a 6L6GC to start your tube collection. You are on the air! You will be home by 8 AM! On the way out you snag a Variac. The guy cut the price in half and threw in a nice pair of computer speakers.

Copyright Rick McCallum


What Kind of Ham do you want to be? A Good Ham or a Bad Ham or an Elmer

We have all started off as a new Ham and over time we become a Good Ham or a Bad Ham. Some progress to being Elmers. Choose which Ham you want to be. I would lump the jammer or kerchunker Ham into Type 1


Type 1 – The Angry Disgruntled Ham (Bad Ham)

This type is easy to find they’re bitter, angry, jealous, opinionated, know-it-alls, narcissists, and loners and do nothing to help their fellow amateurs. They complain a lot, get angry, yell and swear at their fellow Hams, bully, harass, and don’t care about amateur radio, they only care about themselves.

Many Type 1 Hams will bash the Type 2 , Type 3 and Type 4 Hams

“Whats with these guys and their Baefengs, don’t they know Motorola is the best”

“Icom is ripping everyone off because my Yaesu is cheaper and better and I only buy Yaesu”

“Hey why don’t you shut the XXXX up and go on another repeater”

“Yeah all these guys going out and getting an icom 7300 and then the Icom 5100. I do just finw with my Kenwood 430 and Alinco 2m meter mobile”

“No one wants you on this repeater”

“I am getting tired of all the nets on this repeater”

“OMG the price of gas, boy are we getting ripped off”

“Kerchunk, kerchunk, kerchunk”


Type 2 – The “I Need Help” Ham (New Ham)

This is a new Ham that wants or needs help. They need help setting up a station, choosing equipment, and sometimes just getting started. They ask a lot of questions and need assistance so they can become Type 3 Hams. These Hams seem to always find the Type 1 Ham and at times leave the hobby in disgust.

Ham radio can be complicated so we just need to teach these new hams to fish.

A bad Ham will always put down the new Ham with a remark such as “Oh you must be a basics because that question was on the advanced exam” or “Did you read the manual because it says in there to save the memory, just press the MW button” or “Ham is different from CB radio because real Hams make their own dipoles not go to the store and buy them ready made” or “If you don’t know what S9 over 30dB means then you must be stupid”.

Type 3 – The Good Ham

This Ham is always helpful, respectful and does not put others down. They avoid any conflicts on the air and when they hear the Type 1 Ham on the air they shut their radio off and go do something else. They enjoy the social aspect of their local Ham club. A good Ham follows the code of conduct.

Type 4 – The Elmer Ham

This is a rare tyoe of Ham as they are always helping out anyway they can. They get involved in ARES, become an examiner, teach radio classes, start a club or get actively  involved in the club, help get staions set up, operate Field day, perform in community or public service events or help the Type 2 Ham. Type 4 Hams really care about the hobby and its fture and do something about it.

I try my best to be a Type 4 Ham.

Remember we have a Code of Conduct  and we should follow it just to make Maxim and Marconi proud.

The Radio Amateur (Good Ham)  is:

CONSIDERATE never knowingly operating in such a way as to lessen the pleasure of others.

LOYAL offering loyalty, encouragement and support to other amateurs, local clubs and the American Radio Relay League, through which Amateur Radio in the United States is represented nationally and internationally.

PROGRESSIVE with knowledge abreast of science, a well built and efficient station, and operation beyond reproach.

FRIENDLY with slow and patient operation when requested, friendly advice and counsel to the beginner, kindly assistance, co-operation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the hallmarks of the amateur spirit.

BALANCED Radio is an avocation, never interfering with duties owed to family, job, school or community.

PATRIOTIC with station and skill always ready for service to country and community.

COMMUNITY based with always giving back to their community

We also have a DX Code of Conduct:


So the next time you spend 3 hours kerchinking the repeater to show how angry you are, or start making fun of a new Ham that does not understand what QTH means, think of what you can do to grow this hobby and to help others. If you dont care to be an Elmer then just be a Good Ham.


How to gain dB and improve your signals when Hill Topping or at SOTA Summits

I have been experimenting across different antennas and set ups when operating at a SOTA summit or a hilltop or just up at Signal Hill playing radio.

Here is a quick summary to gain understanding on improvements possible:

5 watt Icom VHF Handheld

1/2 Wave Telescopic whip – AEA, Icom or Homebrew

Yagi – Arrow 3 Element

2m FM Amplifier – Mirage

5 Watt Handheld with standard Flexible antenna               0 dB
5 Watt Handheld with 1/2-wave whip antenna                  +8 dB
3-element Yagi antenna                                      +9 dB
20 Watt transceiver (vs 5W output)                          +6 dB

Total improvement (20W with yagi vs Handheld)              +15 dB

Remember a doubling of power is 3 db and an S Unit is 6 dB

Thus I have proven with a distant station that the 5 Watt handheld with the standard rubber duck vs the beam is 15 dB or 2 1/2 S Units

This is a big difference between audible and not audible. In fact several test proved that just the 1/2 wave whip provided some benefits to raise the signal above the noise floor. I am not sure how accurate the gain is but thats the best I could find for a value. My calculations seem to indicate it may be more like 6 dB. The far station did confirm an extra S unit in gain when I swapped out the antennas.

The far station was “mobile” using an Icom 5100



KC4TVZ Todd on 10 Meters

Todd I hear you all the time on 28.425 and tried to make QSO with you on your CQ call outs

I also have the 756 Pro radio and with Dual watch I can hear you and another channel at the same time

The Icom “Dual Watch” architecture, pioneered on the IC-781, is a very practical compromise which offers limited dual-receive capability. It eliminates the complexity and costs associated with a second IF chain and demodulator. Referring to Figure 1, a power splitter following the preselector and RF preamplifier feeds two separate 1st mixers, A and B. Each mixer receives local oscillator (LO) injection from a dedicated synthesiser (1st LO A and B).  PIN-diode attenuators at the mixer outputs allow adjustment of the relative A and B signal levels via the BAL control. A power combiner following the 1st mixers sums their IF outputs. The combined IF signal is fed to the 64.455 MHz roofing filter, and thence down the IF chain. Setting 1st LO A and B to separate frequencies allows simultaneous reception of two signals on different frequencies (A and B channels).

The RF preselector filters and preamplifier, IF chain, DSP demodulator and audio chain are common to both the A and B channels. The operator hears both signals mixed at the common receiver audio output.

The upshot of all this for the operator is that the Icom topology limits dual reception to two signals in the same mode, IF bandwidth and band (the B channel can be in an adjacent band, e.g. A on 20m and B on 17m, without too much loss of sensitivity). In addition, the common demodulator and audio chain preclude “stereo” reception or separate audio in L & R headphones. To provide “stereo” capability, the radio would need two independent IF chains, each with its own DSP board. This would have a major impact on the price of the radio.


6m 50Mhz Band Frequencies

With the resurgence of  interest in the Magic Band, please print and refer to when listening.

Listening is not the right approach, call out on the assigned channels looking for activity or monitor beacons to check for activity.

DX Maps is also a useful tool


50.06-50.09 Beacons
50.0-50.1 CW
50.090 CW Calling Frequency
50.06 QRP CW Calling Frequency
50.7 RTTY Calling Frequency
50.100 to 50.130 DX Window (USB)
50.110 DX Calling Frequency (USB)
50.115 DXpeditions
50.125 USA National SSB Simplex Frequency (USB)
50.1-50.6 Weak Signal, AM
50.260 is the WSJT Meteor Scatter
50.270 FSK Meteor Scatter
50.300 FM Simplex Calling Frequency (West Coast)
50.385 USB PSK31
50.4 National AM Simplex Frequency
50.885 QRP SSB Calling Freq
51.910 FM Internet Linking
52.525 National FM Simplex Calling Frequency


6m Dipole too simple to make “even for appliance operators”


Image result for 6m dipole


Image result for 6m vertical


or buy one from Arrow https://www.radioworld.ca/arr-gp52

Chameleon Field (Day) Expedient Antenna

If you need a Field Expedient antenna for Field day then the Chameleon Hybrid is your friend

Up and running the GOTA station in 5 minutes during the rain

Operated 40m to 6m with a single antenna with 5×9 reports up and down the band

Canuck Wire launcher optional!!!

Install ground spike, throw paracord into trees, lay out wires

I used the stock wire element and was able to stretch out the 30 foot counterpoise

Get on air in 5 minutes

Canuck Wire launcher optional!!!

50Mhz 6m Beacons

Need to check propagation?


50MHz Beacons
  Beacons in IARU Region 1 will be moving to frequencies above 50400 
50000   GB3BUX  Nr Buxton        IO93BF  25 HTurnstilesOmni A1    24   0617
50000.5 YO7AQF                                                     ?   0618
50000.7 F1VJT   Hyeres           JN23XD   2 GP         Omni A1    OP?  0517                   
50001   BV2B    Taipei           PL05SA  10 GP         Omni A1    24   0616
50001   BV8YB                                               A1     ?   0618
50001   VE1UW   Pictou NS        FN85QN                     A1     ?   0518
50001   VE9SIX                   FN21tr                     A1         0517
50002   IK4ISR  S.Georgio Piano  JN54QQ                          IRREG 0516
50002   PY2RPT  Americana        GG67IG   5 Inv Vee    Omni A1    24   0616
50003   VO1FRR  40k NW St John NLGN37JS  10 Fold Dip   Omni A1   IRREG 0618
50003.1 PY2WFG                                                     ?   1117
50004   A47RB   Oman             LL93FO                           24?  0518
50004   I0JX    Rome             JN61GW  10 5/8 Vert   Omni cw    24   1017
50004.85I0JX                                                FT8        0917
50004.5 AH2G    Mt Barrigada GuamQK23    50 Horiz Loop Omni A1    24   0417
50005   9M4SIX  Penang Island    OJ05DJ  50 5/8 GP     Omni A1    24   0416
50005   EI0SIX  Enniskerry       IO63VE  30 OA50 Horiz Omni P14/cw24   0318
50005   GB3MCB  St Austell       IO70OJ  40 Dipole     E/W  F1 5mcycle 0618
50006   A71A    Doha             LL55SH  10 Vertical   Omni A1   IRREG 0618
50006   PY2SFY                   GG77GA                     A1   IRREG 1007
50006   IW9GDC  Messina          JM78SD     Big Wheel       P14+cw     0618    
50007   VA2ZFN  Mt Kanasuta QC   FN08HE   4 Halo       Omni A1    24   0618
50007   EA7URC  Cordoba          IM77RQ                     A1    24?  0618
50007   HG1BVB  Horman           JN87FI  20 X-Dip      Omni F1    24   0618
50007   LU8DZE                                                    ?    0917
50007.8 DU1EV   Metro-Manila     PK04MP  10 1/2 GP     Omni A1    24   0517
50008.0 K0GUV   Park Rapids MN   EN26     8                 A1    24   0618
50008   HI8W    Ft Resolue       FK48     5 Halo       Omni A1    24   0618
50008   XE2HWB  La Paz BCS       DL44WR   8 1/2 Dio         A1    24   0617
50008.6 J88ARC  St Vincent       FK93                       A1  IRREG  0518
50009   4S7B    Colombo          MJ96XV  25 GP         Omni A1    24   0618
50009.5 VE3WCC  Nr Ottawa        FN15WC   1 KU4AB HorizOmni A1    24?  0618
50010   LU7FTF  Castelar SF      FF88XK   5 Dipole          A1    24   0318
50010   SV9SIX  Iraklio          KM25NH  30 Vert. Dip. Omni F1    24   0618
50010   JA2IGY  Mie              PM84JK  10 5/8 GP     Omni A1    24   0518
50010.5 K8MMM   Novelty OH       EN91    90 H.Dip@50ft N-S  A1    24   0618
50011.2 ZL1SIX  Bay of Islands   RF64VS  25 2xDips     E-W  A1    24   0118
50011.9 OX3SIX  Tasiilaq         HP15EO 100 Dipole                 ?   0518
50012   OH1SIX  Ikaalinen        KP11QU     XoverX Dip Omni A1   NonOp 0816
50012   V73SIX  Roi Namur I.     RJ39RJ  40 2xH Loops  Omni A1    24   0618
50012   HP1DCP                                                         0717
50013   BG6CJR                                                         0217
50015   SV5SIX  Rhodes           KM46CK   3 Dipole                     0416
50015.9 XE2K    Mexicali         DM22FP  20 1/2 V@30m  Omni A1    24   0618
50016   GB3BAA  Nr Tring         IO91PS  10 Vert Dip   Omni A1    24   0618
50017.6 OH0SIX  Stalsby          JP90XI   3 Vert Dip   Omni A1    24   0618
50017   JA6YBR  Miyazaki         PM51RT     Turnstile  Omni A1    24   0518
50017   VO1STA  St Anthony  NL   GO21FJ                     A1  IRREG  0717    
50018.7 VE4ARM  Austin MB        EN09MW  50 3-el Yagi  NE   A1    24   0618
50018   PR8ZIX  Imperatriz MA    GI64GL  45 halo       Omni A1    24   0317
50018   XE1RCS  Cerro Gordo      EK09OS  50 AR-6       Omni A1     ?   0917
50018   5B4CY   Mandria          KM64KU  15 GP         Omni F1    24   0618
50019.3 IK5ZUL  Follonica GR     JN52JW                           24   0917
50019.7 PY2MAJ                                                    ?    0517
50019.7 4O0BMN  Podgonca         JN92PK  20 Vert 4.5dB Omni A1    24   0618
50020   YV6CR   El Tigre         FJ78VV                     A1    24   0118
50020   VE8WD   Yellowknife NT   DP22    20 Ringo      Omni A1    24   0618
50020   FW5SIX  Wallis & Futuna                             A1         1115
50020   IY0ARP                                              A1     ?   0418     
50020.1 ER1SIX  Nr Kishinev      KN47JG  1  GP              A1    24?  0618
50021   CX1CCC  Montevideo       GF15VD   5 GP         Omni A1    24?  0217 
50021.2 9Q1D                     JI75PQ                         NonOP  0914
50021.8 LX0SIX  Bourscheid       JN39AV   5 Big wheel       A1    24   0618
50022   F6KBO                                               A1         0418
50022   YS1AG   S.SalvadorVolcanoEK53IP  40 DoubleZepp Omni A1    24   0518
50023   VE9BEA  Fredericton NB   FN65OX                     A1  IRREG  0117
50023.5 UN1SIX                   MN83KE                         IRREG  0316
50023   SR5FHX  Warszawa         KO02KH   3 5/8 GP     Omni A1    24   0617
50024.0 ZL2WHO  Waipuna Ridge    RF70OM 200 2xdipole   N-S  A1     ?   0218
50025   9H1SIX  Attard, Malta    JM75FV   7 5/8 GP     Omni F1    24?  0618
50025   YV4AB   Valencia         FK60AD  15 AR6@1210m  Omni A1    24   0318
50025.4 OH2SIX  Lohja            KP20DH  80 1/2Vert@4m Omni A1    24   0618
50026   PP8AA   Manaus                                      A1    24?  0917 
50026   SR9FHA  Choragwica       KN09AS   5 5/8 GP     Omni F1A   24?  0515
50026.3 TJ3SN                    JJ53                            IRREG 0416
50027   JE7YNQ  Fukushima        QM07    50            Omni A1    24   0518
50027   CN8MC   Rabat            IM64OF   3                 A1     ?   0817
50027   VO1GAM  Lewisporte NL    GN29LF  10 3-el Yagi  Vary A1  Summer 0615
50027.7 SR3FHB                   JO91CQ                           24   0617
50028   ZP5WYC                                                     ?   1007
50029.3 9A0BHH                   JN85JO                           24?  0618
50030   VO1JA                    GN27HF                     A1  IRREG  0615
50030   VY1DX   Whitehorse YU    CP20KR  20 Halo@      Omni A1    24   0518
50030   ZL2NHB  Napier           RF80KL  10 H Inv Vee  N-S  A1     ?   0118
50031.5 CS5BCP                   IM59QM                            ?   0517
50031.5 YU1EO                    KN04ML                            ?   0817
50032V  JR0YEE  Niigata          PM97     2 Loop            A1    24   0517
50032.9 ZD8VHF  Ascension I.     II22TB  50 Dipole                24   0318
50033   VE7FG   Prince George BC CO83    50 R.Ranger   Omni A1    24   0518
50033   VE2RCS  Lachute QC       FN25                       A1    24   0618
50034   VA5MG   Nr LittleBearLakeDO74PH  15 5-el Yagi  040  A1    24   0618
50033   OH5SHF  Kouvola          KP30HV  20 2-el 2dBd  200  F1    24 QRT/QSY
50034.2 CS3BSM  Santo de Sierra  IM12OR  40 Horizontal      A1    OP?  0615
50035   IZ3OHR                   JN55LJ                           OP?  0716
50035   VO1SEP  Placentia NL     GN37AE                     A1  IRREG  0816
50035   US0SU US0SIX             KN28JW                         IRREG  0815
50036   VE4VHF  Headingly MB     EN19    35 Vertical   Omni A1    24   0618
50036   OA4B    Lima             FH17    13 Vertical   Omni A1    24?  0518
50036V  CS5BALG Sitio dos CavalosIM67AH  40                 A1    24   0618
50036.5 SR8FHL  Lublin           KO11HF   4 1/2 Dipole Omni A1    24   0618
50037   JR6YAG  Okinawa          PL36                       A1    24   0518
50037.7 IK7LMX  Brindisi BR      JN80XP                     A1   IRREG 0817
50037   J68HZ                    FK83MM                     A1     ?   0916
50038   VY0YHK  Gjoa Haven       EP28BP  15 Horiz Dip       A1    24   0618
50038   PY1ESP                                              A1         0118
50038.5 FR1GZ   Reunion I.       LG79RG  10 GP         omni       24?  0616
50039   VO1ZA   St Johns NL      GN37    10 1/4 Vert   Omni F1    24   0817
50039   FY7THF  Kouru            GJ35    10 Vertical   Omni       24   0917
50040   C6AFP   Abaco            FL16    30 Loop       Omni A1    24?  0618
50040   ZL3SIX  Christchurch     RE66DL  50 2XDip      NE/SWA1    24   1117
50040   SV1SIX  Nr Athens        KM17UX  25 Vert Dip   Omni F1    24   0618
50040   VA2YKT  Rapide Blanc QC  FN37LS   1 halo loop  Omni A1    24   0717
50041.1 CP6B    Santa Cruz da    FH82    40 Halo Loop  Omni A1    24   0318
                  la Sierra                                            
50041.7 ED6YAI  Menacor          JM19NL   5 Horiz      Omni A1    24   0518
50042.1 V8VDE                                                          0617
50043.2 ZL1VHF  Auckland         RF73MB  15            Omni A1    24   1216
50044   ZS6TWB  Polokwame        KG46RC  30 5/8 Vert   Omni A1   NonOp 0516
50044.3 LU2MCA  Godoy Cruz       FF57OB                     A1    24   0917
50044.7 YU1KM                                                      ?   0617
50045   OX3VHF  Qaqortoq         GP60QQ  20 GP 20m asl Omni F1     ?   0717
50045   SR2FHM  Gdansk           JO94II   7 Dipole     Omni A1A   24   0216
50045.4 OK1DX                    JN69SD                            ?   0518
50045.6 JW5SIX  Hopen Island     KQ26MM  10 Dipole          A1    24  T QRT 
50045.73VK8RAS  Alice Springs    PG66WH  20 PAR        Omni A1    24   1217
50046.2 PY2VA                    GG66KU                     A1    24?  0118
50047   PY4AQA  Barbacena        GG88DS  30 Loop       Omni A1    24   1117
50047   ZF1EJ   Cayman Is        EK99IG                     A1    24   0617
50047   OX6M                     HQ90AL  25 Vertical    N-S PI4+cw24   0618          
50047.2 YU0ZNI  SSE Beograd      KN03WH  1  GP         Omni F1    24?  0618
50047.6 LU5FF                    FF99RF                     A1  IRREG  0118
50048.8 LU1WFU                   FE64AC                           24   0408
50048.8 VY0SNO  Iqaluit NU       FP53RR  30 Comp 201-70Omni A1    24   0618
50049   CE8B    Nr Punta Arenas  FD46NX  50 halo@10m   Omni A1    24?  0218
50049.6 LZ0SJB  Sliven           KN32DR   2 GP         Omni       24   0618
50050   ZS6JON  Krugersdorp      KG33VV  20 3-el Yagi  N    A1   OP?   0416   
50050   GB3RAL  Nr Didcot        IO91IN                   A1/JT65B24   011zZZ
50050   TG9ANF  Guatemala City   EK44SM  19 J-Pole          A1    24?  1217
50050.6 E51USA  Rarotonga        BG08CT  20 halo       Omni A1  19-07h 0516

50050.7 LU8DCH  Martin Garcia I. GF05VT   4 5/8        Omni A1    24   0418
50051   6L0NJ   Gwangju          PM35KE  3.81/4 GP     Omni A1    24   0618
50052.7 V44KAI  St Kitts/Nevis   FK87QH   2 5/8 Vert   Omni A1    24   0917
50053   VE1PZ   Nr Pringle LakeNSFN95AI  25 PAR H Loop Omni A1    24   0618
50054   OZ6VHF  Ribe             JO57EI  25 X-Dipole   Omni A1    24   0917
50054.3 LZ0MON                   KN13ME                            ?   0518
50055   ZL3MHB  Westland         RE57MI  20 5/8 GP     Omni       24   0218
50055.6 N9JXY   Auburn IN        EN71LI   1 Squalo     Omni A1    24   0617
50056   VA3BYA                   FN03     3                 A1    24   0617
50057   VK7RAE  Don Hill         QE38DU  20 X-Dipoles  Omni A1    24   0118
50057   IT9X    Messina          JM78LB                     A1/JT65B   0516
50057   TF1SIX  Fludir           HP93QU`   8 1/2 Dipole     A1  irreg  0716                                                           
50057.5 VK4RGG  Nerang           QG62QA   6 Turnstile  Omni A1    24   0418                             
50058   HB9SIX  Nr St Gall       JN47LH   7 MixPolarize SW  A1    24   0618
50058   OE3XLB  Maiersdorf       JN87AT  10 5-el Yagi             24   0518
50059.5 VE3UBL  Ajax ON          FN03    10 Turnstile  Omni A1    24   0618
50059.7 W4CBX   Bristol TN       EM86                       A1    24   0618
50059.91K4TQR   Birmingham AL    EM63OM   4 Dipole    NW/SE A1    24   0618    
50060   SK6QW   Nr Mariestad     JO68WR   8 Vert.Dip.  Omni A1    24   0917
50060   K5AB    Georgetown TX    EM01DP  20 Horiz Loop      A1    24   0618
50060.0 GB3RMK  Nr Inverness     IO77UO  40 Dipole     N/S  F1    24   0618
50060.0 WB5LLI  Kenner LA        EM40    20 GP@20ft    Omni A1    24   0917
50060   HK6FRC                   FJ24DM                     A1   IRREG 0118
50060.0 WB0RMO  Fairbury NE      EN10    25 Squalo          A1    24   0618
50060   LU7HCS                   FF78                       A1    24   0418
50060   K4KNS   Hephzibah GA     EM83                       A1    24   0618
50060   N1NSP   Newport News VA  FM17RD                     A1    24   0618
50060.5 K7CA    Las Vegas NV     DM26KC  50 Cross Dips      A1    24   0618
50060.55K9APW   Mt Toreb WI      EN53DA  10 Horiz GP@40ft   A1    24   0618
50061   N4RT    Bromley AL       EM60BT   5 GP@4m      Omni A1    24   0618
50061   WG2Z    Andover Twp NJ   FN21OA 100 Halo pair  Omni A1    24   0618
50061   W3HH    Nr Ocala FL      EL89     3 1/4 Vert   Omni A1    24   0618
50061   KD4AOZ  Watkinsville GA  EM83                       A1    24?  0618 
50061.5 KZ9O    Altoona WI       EN46    30 5-el Yaki  010  A1    24   0618
50062   W7KNT   Nr Hall MT       DN36HO                     A1    24   0618
50062.0 W3PIE   Uniontown PA     FM09DW                     A1    24   0618
50062.5 GB3NGI  Ballycastle      IO65VB  30 1/4 Vert   Omni       24   0618
50062.7 LZ0SIX                   KN32ER   1 Dipole                24   0817
50062.6 W9RAS   Cassopolis MI    EN71     1 Squalo          A1    24   0618
50062.9 K1MS    Littleton MA     FN42FM  10 3-el Vert   070 A1    24   0618
50062.9 LU2ERC  Ensenada BA      GF15AD                     A1    24   0318
50063   LY0SIX  Vilnius          KO24PS   7 Slope Dip. 320  A1    24   0518
50063   WR7NV   Las Vegas NV     DM25GV                     A1    24   0618
50063   KB6BKN  Novato CA        CM88RC                     A1     ?   0618
50063.3 W9JN    Carson WI        EN54DM  20 Halo@20m   Omni A1    24   0618
50063.4 N0SAP   Nixa MO          EM37IB   8 J-Pole     Omni A1    24   0618
50064   GB3LER  Shetland         IP90JD  30 dipole     0/180A1   NonOp 0715
50064.0 W3APL   Laurel MD        FM19NE   7 Sqalo           A1    24   0618
50064   K4HRF                    EM70                       A1     ?   0318
50064   WB7PMP  Cleveland NC     EM95PU                     A1    24   0618
50064   KI6RRN  La Mesa CA       DM12                       A1     ?   0817
50064.2 KH6HI   Ewa HI           BL01    50 Turnstile  Omni A1    24   0618
50064.5 N1VVV   Windham ME       FN43SS  25 Dipole          A1    24   0717
50064.8 K0IBM   Denver CO        DM79NQ  25 Halo       Omni A1    24   0618
50064.9 N3BUD   Berwick          FN11UB                     A1     ?   0216
50065   N0POH                    DM79                       A1         0517
50065   GB3IOJ  Jersey           IN89WE                     A1    24   0517
50065V  K3TYE   Tucson AZ        DM42PE                     A1    24   0815
50065.0 KA0CDN  Aurora CO        DM79OS  50 Halo       Omni A1    24   0618
50065   KE5JXC  Pecan Island LA  EL39SP   5 M2 HO Loop Omni A1    24   0618
50065   K8TB    Holland MI       EN62WU   5 Squalo     Omni A1    24   0618
50065V  W4CLM   Atlanta GA       EM74       Vert       Omni A1    24   0117
50065.7 VK6RPH  Walliston WA     OF88AA  20 U Dipole   Omni A1    -   NonOp
50065.9 W5GPM   Bartlesville OK  EM26                       A1    24   0618
50066   WA1OJB  Bowdoin ME       FN54AA  30 V.Dip      Omni A1    24   0618
50066   OE3XAC  Kaiserkogel      JN78SB  10 M2 Loop         A1    24   0618
50066.2 W5SIX   Horse MountainNM DM54WA 0.5 7-el Yagi  060  A1    24   0618
50066.3 VE7REE  Penticton BC     DN09C                      A1    24?  0916
50067   WZ8D    Loveland OH      EM89BI 100 Loop            A1    24   0618
50067   W4FWS   Orlando FL       EL98HN                     A1    24   0618
50067   OH9SIX  Pirttikoski      KP36OI  35 2 X-dip    Omni A1    24   0618
50067.5 N8PUM   Champion MI      EN66AL  50 PAR Horiz  Omni A1    24   0618
50067.6 K5KDX   Van Buren AR     EM25SM                     A1    24   0717
50067.7 K0EC    Vail Mountain CO DM69    45 1/2V+1/2H  E-W  A1    24   0618
50067.7 XE2O    Monterey         EL05                       A1    24   0618
50067.8 LZ1WF                    KN22HI                     A1    24?  0618
50068   HG8BVB  Gerla            KNO6OQ  10       Vertical  A1    24?  0617 
50068?  W7USN   Dateland AZ      DM32FU  10 Horiz Loop Omni A1    24   1017
50068   W1XQ    Sugar Land TX    EL29    10 Horiz Di        A1 07-24LT 0518
50068   N4LR    Fairburn GA      EM73AL                     A1    24   0618
50068.5 K2ZD    West Orange NJ   FN20US  20 5/8        Omni A1   IRREG 0717
50068.6 W4TTU   Cody WY          DN54LM                     A1    24?  0618
50068.7 N2MH                                                A1   IRREG 0518
50068.9 K6FV    Woodside CA      CM87UL 100            NE   A1    24***0618
50069   W8GTX   StClairShores MI EN82     1 1/4 Vert   Omni A1    24 TNonOp
50069   WA3TTS  Pittsburgh PA    EN90XL   1 3x batwing Omni A1    24   0618
50069   FM1ZAC  Martinique I.    FK94NL  15 Turnstile  Omni A1    24?  0917
50069   W9RCA   Indianapolis IN  EM69US  14 H.Dip      E-W  A1    24?  0618
50069   N4BRF                    EL96VK                     A1    24   0618
50069.5 YO5PBG  Baia Mare        KN17SP   3 Vert Dip   Omni A1     ?   0618
50069.2 YO4KRB                   KN43HE                     A1     ?   0518
        YO4C/YO4KCA Constanta    KN43HE 0.2                        ?   0518
        YO4FYQ                   KN44FD   2                        ?   0518
50069.9 W4HHK   Collierville TN  EM5MMB                     A1    24?  0618
50070   KL7KY   Wasilla AK       BP51    75 Ringo      Omni A1    24   0618
50070   SK3SIX  Ostersund        JP73HC   7 X-Dip      Omni A1    OP?  1216
50070   W7WKR   East Wenatchee WA                           A1    24   0218   
50070   WA7X    Fairview UT      DM49HO 1-10Cycloid DipOmni A1    24   0618
50070.5 NR0X    Martelle IA      EN42HB  10 M2 loop&   Omni A1    24   0618
50071   W5HN    Allen TX         EM13SJ 0.5                 A1    24   0618
50071   W7SX    Elmira OR                                       TNonOp
50071   W3DOG   Ocean City MD    FM28EI  45 Stack Halo Omni A1    24   0618
50072   PY2XW   Campinas SP      GG67LF                     A1    24   0117
50072   KK9H    Northfield IL    EN62CC   8 halo@30ft  Omni A1    24   0618   
50072   KF5KOI  Blanco TX        EM00TA  10 OA5             A1    24   0618
50072.2 KD4YDD  Decala GA        EM84AB  10 Vert@50ft  Omni A1    24   0618
50072.5 EA8SIX  Canary Is.       IL28GD  10 H Dipole        A1 IRREG   0518
50072.5 N7DGI   WY               DN62 TT    PAR OA          A1 IRREG   0618
50072.5 W6NIF   Fresno CA        DM06MM  AR6/3-el           A1 IRREG   0617
50072.5 K3BFD   Bedford PA       FN00                       A1    24   0617
50072.9 N4VBV   Sumter SC        EM93TW  5 Dipole       N-S A1    24?  0618
50073   VO1FU   Goulds NL        GN37OL                Vary A1 IRREG   0618
50073   K0KP    Fredenberg MN    EN36VW 100 Delta Loop Omni A1    24   1007
50074   W5RP    San Angelo TX    DM91                       A1    24   0518
50074   W0FY    Chesterfield MO  EM48RP                     A1    24   0618
50074.5 SV3BSF  Petra            KM08UA     2-el DK7ZB 320  A1    24   0618
50075   KM4HAM  Pompano Beach FL EL96WG  20                 A1    24   0618
50075   WA5SLO  Lucdale MS (?)   EM50WA                     A1    24   0618
50075   VR2SIX  Hong Kong                                         24?  0318
50075   W7PFR   Mineral WA       CN86    12                 A1    24?  0717
50075   KA7BGR  Central Point OR CN82    40 2x2el SW/NE     A1    24   0618
50075   NL7XM   Easton PA        FN20IP   3 Dipole  N-S     A1    24   0618
50075   AA1OV   Benson AZ        DM41TW                     A1    24   0618
50076.3 NF8M    Southfield MI    EN82IL   5 GP         Omni A1    24   0618
50076   K6CS    Redding CA       EM19FA                     A1    24   0618
50076   W4IT    Sassafras Mtn SC EM85OB   1 H Squalo   Omni A1    24?  0618
50076.1 CS5BLA  Aldeia de Chaos  IM57PX 2.5 Horiz Dip  Omni A1    24   0518
50076.3 YV5LIX  Caracas          FK60CA   5                 A1    24   0318
50076.5 WR9L    Bradley IL       EN61BD   5 Turnstile       A1    24   0618
50077   K7AZ    Nr Lompoc CA     CM94SO  10 Horiz Loop      A1    24   0618
50077   VA2TKH  Sept-Iles QC     FO60TE     InvVee     Omni A1  IRREG  1215
50077   OA4TT   Canete           FH16TW  50 6-el Yagi  Vary A1  IRREG  0116
50077.5 RB1SIX                                                    Op?  0516
50077.6 N0LL    Smith Center KS  EM09OW  60 2 halos    Omni A1    24   0618
50078   N2GHR   Nr Centereach NY FN30LU   8 5/8 GP     Omni A1    24   0618
50078   WA4FC   Carson VA        FM17FE   2 M2Loop@25m Omni A1    24   0618
50079   JX7SIX  Jan Mayen I      IQ50RX  10 Dipole 150/330  A1    24  QRTQSY
50079.0 W3CCX   Philadelphia PA  FM29JW   4 halo@500M  Omni A1    24   0618
50078.7 W2UTH   Holley NY        FN12FS 1.5 Dipole          A1    24?  0618
50079   K0KUK   Milaca MN        EN35DW  20                 A1         0716
50078.9 W8IF    Nr Selma OH      EM89CR 100 H-Loop@25m      A1    24   0618
50079.4 TI2NA   Volcan Irazu     EJ89BX   2 Vert Dip@10m    A1    24?  0917
50080   XE1H    Guadalajara      DL80HQ  25 GP         Omni A1   IRREG 0518
50080   ZP9CTS                   GG22EW                     A1     ?   1116
50080   K6FRC   Tracy CA         CM97HP 100 Horiz Loop Omni A1     24  0618
50080   ZS1SIX  Cape Town                10 Dipole          F2A IRREG  0416
50080.1 FK8SIX  Noumea           RG37FR  15 GP         Omni F1     24  0618
50080.4 4X4SIX  Jerusalem        KM71NU   5 Dip@500m NW/SW  A1     24  0618
50080.4 VO1STA                   GO21                       A1  IRREG  0617
50080.9 AF6HP                    DM14LA                         IRREG  0217
50100   YO8RIX  Nr Dorchoi       KN37FW 50mw Vert DipOmni   A1  IRREG  0518 
50082   PT9BCN                   GG29RN 10 1/2 Dipole       A1     24? 0218
50082.5 LU4FW   Pueblo Esther    FF96RW  8 5/8 Vert. Omni   A1     24  0218
50083.5 CX1AA   Montevideo       GF15LC  3 Inv Vee   Omni   A1     24? 0118
50085   PP1CZ   Vitoria ES       GG99UQ  5 1/2 dipole       A1     24  0917
50085   LU8YE                                               A1      ?  0118
50085.5 LU7YS                    FE49IU                     A1   IRREG 0418
50276   9Y2KM                    LL48XH                          IRREG 0517
50276   KM4HAM Pompano Beach FL  EL96WG 10                 JT65        0817
50281   VK4RHT Atherton          QH22RR 10 Vertical   Omni         24  0218
50282.1 VK4RTL Townsville        QH30JP  3 Turnstile  Omni   A1    24  0418
50284   VK4RSC Nambour QLD       QG63LF  7 Vertical   Omni          ?  0518
50285   VK4RTT Bunya Mountains   QG63TC 100                  A1/JT65B? 0418
50288   VK2RHV Mt Sugarloaf NSW  QF57SC 25 Turnstile Omni    F1     24 0618
50289   VK2RSY Nr Sydney NSW     QF56MH 25 Turnstile Omni    A1     24 0618
50293.7 VK3RMV Mount Dundas      QF02WH 15 1/4 GP    Omni    A1     24 NonOp
50295.1 VK3RMH Wattle Glen VIC   QF22OH 10 2xH Loops Omni    A1     24 QRT
50295.0 VA2NQ  Mount Yamaska QC  FN35NL  5 Dipole    Omni    A1/PI4 24 0617
50297.9 VK7RST Mt Nelson Hobart  QE37PB 15 Dipole    E-W     F1     24 0218
50304   VK6RSX Nr Dampier WA     OG89II 50 Horiz dip.Omni    A1     24 0418
50306   VK6RBU Bunbury WA        OF76WR 20 3-elYagi  W-E     A1        0218
50310   VK8VF  Darwin NT         PH57  100 DeltaLoop Omni    A1     24? 1117
50313   VK6JR  Dunsborough WA    OF75LY                              ?  100217     
50315   VK5RBV Barossa Valley    PF95MK 12 Hor.halo  Omni    A1     24  1117
50320   VK5VF  Mt Lofty          PF95IA  8 Hor.Dips  Omni    A1     24  0218
50321.1 ZS5SIX                                                      Op? 0415
50342.7 VK4ABP Longreach QLD     QG26                                ?  1217
50350   I0JX   Rome              JN61GW                              ?  0917
50400   IW3FZQ Monselice PD      JN55VF 10 5/8 GP    Omni    A1     24  0218
50400.8 IZ3DVW                                                          0618
50401   IQ8KK  Cosenza           JM89BK 10 Halo      Omni    A1     24? 0618
50402   OY6BEC Faroe Islands     IP61NV                             24  0618
50403   IH9YMC                                                       ?  0616
50404   SR6VHF                                                          0618
50406   F5ZHQ  Hyeres            JN33AC 20           Omni            ?  0617
50406   SV2JAO                   KN10CL 10 3-el@300m                24  0618
50407.5 IH9/IZ0ANE Pantelleria I JM66AS  5 5/8 Vert  Omni      A1   24  0518
50408   IK5ZUL Follonica GR      JN52JW                           IRREG 0318
50409   ED1YBR                   IN52JW                              ?  0817
50409.4 EA8CBN                   IL18BL                            TEST 0916
50410   5R8UI  Nosy Be Island    LH46CQ 10 H Dip.   345/165    A1 08-20 0516
50410   F1ZBF                                                  A1       0315
50410   SK2KDS                   JO94II                              ?  0618 
50412   OH1SIX                   KP11                                   QSYhr
50413   ZB2SIX Gibraltar         IM76HD  5 Inv Vee             A1   24? 0518
50413   C30SIX SantJuliadeLoria  JN02SK 10 AR6Vert   Omni      A1   24  0618
50414   OK0SIX                                                       ?  0418
50415   ED8YAK Las Palmas        IL18CO 10                              0618
50415   SR5TDM                   KO01KX                                 0618
50416   GB3BAA                                                          QSY hr
50416   EA4KM                    IN80BE 50 5-el Hor                 24? 0218
50417   OH9SIX                                                          QSYhr
50418.5 F1ZFE  Sarreguemines     JN39OC  8 Loop      Omni      A1  24   0917
50419   IZ1EPM 27km NE Turin     JN35WD 12 5/8 Vert  Omni      A1  24   0917
50420   IQ4FE  Fidenza           JN54AS  6 Vertical  Omni      A1  24   0917
50422   F6KBO                                                           0418
50422   F5ZMT                    IN88GN                             ?   0618    
50422   S55ZRS Nr Dobovec        JN76MC  8 1/4 GP    Omni      A1  24   0618
50424   E73SIX                   JM88AQ                        A1   ?   0618
50425   PI7SIX Rotterdam         JO21FV 50 H X-Dip             A1  24   0418
50427   IW0DTK Minturno LI       JN61VG                        A1   ?   0618
50419.8 IZ3OHR                                                          0216
50430   HG7BVA Gyomro            JN97QK  5 Vert Dip  Omni          24   0618
50433   OH7SIX Tuupovaara        KP52JH              Omni                UC
50434.9 IZ0HCC                                                      ?   1117
50436   D4C    Monteverde        HK76MV 30 Vertical  Omni      A1 IRREG?0218
50437   ES0SIX Hiiuma Island     KO18KX 15 Horiz Dip E-W       A1   24  0618
50438   OE5XHE Nr Linz 1120m asl JN78DN 10 OA50      Omni      A1   24  0618
50440   IT9X   Messina          JM78LB     H.Loops         A1/JT65B  ?  0717
50441   ON0SIX Waterloo         JO20EP   5 Hor. X-DipOmni     A1    24  0618
50443   GB3MCB St Austell       IO70OJ     Fold Dip  NE       A1/PI4 1m 0618
50445   JW5SIX Hopen Island     KQ26MM  10 Dipole                       0418
50445.5 ED1YCA Gijon            IN73AL   5 Hor.Loop                  ?  0518
50446.9 JW7SIX Kappe Linne      JQ68TB     3-el Yagi  S        A1   24  0618
50448.4 FX4SIX Neuville         JN06CQ   5 7-el Yagi 090       A1   24  0917
50448.7 IQ0AM                   JM49OF                         A1   24  0618
50449   I4JEE                   JM54TU   7            Omni     A1 May-Sep 18
50449   IS0BSR                  JM49OF                               ?  0418
50449   JW9SIX  Bear Island     JQ94LM  10 GP         Omni     A1    ?  0817
50450   SR1DAR  Darlowo         JO84EK                                  0614
50451.0 LA7SIX  Bardu           JP99EC  30 4-el Yagi 190       A1   24  0618
50453.8 HG8BVD                                                          0618
50457   TF1VHF  Altfanes        HP84WL  25           NW/SE  PI4,A1  24  0618
50457   IW0DAQ  Genzano di Roma JN61HQ   2 GP          Omni    A1   24? 0318
50459   IQ4AD   Serione Parma   JN54DT   8 GP          Omni    A1   24? 0618
50462   SR5FHW  Warszawa        KO02KH   3 5/8 GP      Omni    A1      Planned
50466   OE3XAC  Kaiserkogel     JN78SB     M2 Loop             A1   24  0618
50471   OZ7IGY  Toelloese       JO55WM  25 Big Wheel         PI4/A1 24  0618
50474   IQ5MS                   JN54AA                                  0618
50475   OK0NCC                  JO79EW                              24  0917
50474.6 ED7YAD  Malaga          IM76QO  15 Horiz Loop  Omni     A1  24  0618
50477   IZ3GWJ  Nr Lendinara    JN55TC   5 Ringo       Omni     A1  24? 0618
50479   JX7SIX                                                          QSY hr
50480   JH8ZND  Chitose         QN02UW  10 5/8 GP      Omni     A1  24  0717
50480.1 HG1BTV                  JN86MN     15db@308m asl                0717
50481   F1ZFB   Ste Lheurine    IN95TM  10                      A1  24  0518
50483   DF0ANN  Moritzberg Hill JN59PL   2 Hor Loop    Omni     A1  24  0618
50483.0 DB0DUB  Nr Gangelt      JO31AA   1 Halo        Omni     A1  24  0518
50083   DB0HGW  Greifswald      JO64QC   3 Mag. Loop            A1  24  0618
50485   OH5                     KP30    10 Vert Dip             A1  24 QSY hr
50488.7 IQ0SM                                                           0617
50490   F6IKY   Louhans         JN26OP   3 GP + H BigWheel      A1  24  0618 
50490   JG1ZGW  Tokyo           PM95VP  10 7el Yagi    South    A1  24  
50493   SL2ZZU  Lulea           KP15CO   1 4el Yagi    South    A1  24  0917
50499   IQ0A                                                         ?  0318
52343   VK4ABP  Longreach       QG26DN  10 1/4 Vert    Omni    fsk      0216
52425   VK3RBH  Nr Broken Hill  QF07SX                                Planned
52433   VK3VFO  Morwell         QF31FS  10 1/4 Vert    Omni        TEMP 1217
52438   VK3FGN  Mildura         QF15CT   3 J-Pole      Omni     A1     NonOp
52490   ZL2SIX  Blenheim        RE68                   Omni     F1     TNonOp

ZZ GB3RAL JT65B even mins, A1a odd mins
*** K6FV schedule 1515-0030 approx at 055 degrees, 1030-1515 approx at 275 degrees			
* May break for QSOs
= Frequency sharing beacons INT= Intermittent   TEMP= Temporary PT= part-time
EX=experimental V= Variable

Compiled by Martin Harrison G3USF