VE3IPS Parks on the Air POTA

Parks on the Air (POTA) is an amateur radio program that encourages operators to set up their equipment in parks, wildlife reserves, and other natural areas to make radio contacts. It combines the enjoyment of the outdoors with the excitement of amateur radio communication. Participants typically bring portable radios, antennas, and power sources to operate from these locations and make contacts with other operators around the world.

As a portable field operator involved in POTA, John VE3IPS likely enjoys the challenges and rewards of operating in outdoor environments, experiencing different locations, and making contacts with fellow radio enthusiasts. This hobby provides an opportunity to combine a love for amateur radio with a passion for nature and exploration.


Operation of military, commercial, portable, or QRP, 

equipment is not required to participate but will often 

be the preferred conversation.

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Information current as of July/2021

Nightly 02:00 zulu, 7296kc/USB or AM, 7296(standby all day).

Military, commercial, marine equipment users. 

Also HFpack/Milpack members.

Nightly 03:00Z-+, 3996kc/USB(seasonal).

Military, commercial, marine equipment users. 

Also HFpack/Milpack members.

Nightly 04:00Z-+, 1996kc/USB(seasonal)

Military, commercial, marine equipment users. 

Also HFpack/Milpack members.

Daily 18:00Z, 18157.5kc/USB, 

Informal HFpack/Milpack get together. 

17meter “Activity group” W3FF often the ring leader.

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday, 12:00 eastern, 

5357kc/USB primary, 5403.5kc/USB secondary. 

Moose & Squirrel Cold war net. Mostly northeastern participants.

Military Radio Collectors Association (MRCA);

email reflector;

Wednesday night 20:00 Pacific, 3996kc/USB.

West Coast Military Radio net. Contact KE6ZIQ.

Saturday morning, 05:00 Eastern, 3885kc/AM.

East Coast Military Radio net.

Saturday morning, 08:00 Central, 7087 RTTY net.

Informal RTTY. 850 shift, mark low, 2000Hz center

The Midwest Military Radio Collectors Group(MMRCG)

Saturday morning, 09:00 Central, 7296kc USB or AM.

Military, Para-Military, and portable Equipment

The Midwest Military Radio Collectors Group(MMRCG)

Saturday night, 17:00 Pacific, 7087kc TTY 850 shift. 

West Coast Military Radio Group RTTY Net.

Saturday night, 18:00 Pacific, 3985kc/AM+/- QRM,

West Coast Military Radio Net. Contact KD6TKX.

Sunday evening, 21:00 Eastern, 3570kc/CW,

The Old Military Radio Net.

Daily Standby frequencies(give a call any time):

1996kc/USB(HFpack/Milpack calling)

3996kc/USB(HFpack/Milpack calling).

5357kc/USB(Milpack), 5346.5(at night do to digital infestation)


7296kc/USB(HFpack/Milpack, Green, calling).

14342.5kc/USB primary, 14346.0 alternate(HFpack/Milpack calling).

18157.5kc/USB primary, 18117.5 alternate(HFpack/Milpack calling).

21437.5kc/USB(HFpack/Milpack calling).

24977.5kc/USB(HFpack/Milpack calling).

28327.5kc/USB(HFpack/Milpack calling).

29.4mc/FM(Military/Green calling).

51.0mc/FM(Milpack calling).

144.30mc/FM(HFpack/Milpack calling 151.3 or 150 tone)

(Special note, when giving a call on one of the standby frequencies,

best to call Milpack, or HFpack or use some other qualifier such has

“QRP” or “pedestrian mobile” etc. A general CQ may get ignored unless the call is recognized).


Thanks DX Engineering for the Dipole Gadget

Yes its for a dipole NOT a EF Long Wire

I found some #26 Silky wire for a $1 its 100 hundred feet so two antennas can be made for a Dollar $ 1 USD or a Canadian Toonie.

Note readers its not for #14 gauge wire on 80m

The smart guys at DX Eng printed it out for its intended use