Field Day Power Box 100 Amps

Lets Run 50 watt for hours just in time for Field Day

Take a Deep Cycle battery for 100 AH
Place into Boating Battery Box with cheap and dirty voltage checker
Button it Up
13 Volts ….lets go make QSO

Based on the calculations I should be ok for a days use but I plan to add solar panels and charge it as we go along


Super Antenna MP-1 x VE3IPS Collaboration

I have been using the original MP-1 (Vern) and the new Super Antenna MP-1 (Bonnie) with an extended whip antenna

I have been using this for 10 years to great effect

The military AT-271 antenna is twice the length of the original model whip

The FG-1 guide is useless but just tune for maximum noise then check for SWR

Counterpoise is required

I also mix and match with other military antenna items and Buddipole, MFJ and Wolf River stuff

Super Antenna MP-1 with AT-271 whip

The Waterproof PackTenna 9:1 Balun

Snug and waterproof with the coax connector facing downwards.

You could use silicone caulking to waterproof the connector using the adapter, but since I have several Buddipole 25 and 50 foot antenna lengths, I can pop the box open and connect the BNC cable.

Throw a wire in the tree and go make QSO

I can also undo the bolts and use the balun off a carabiner on a sunny day and save the weight of the Pelican style box


Long Wire and 9:1 Balun antenna lengths

I found my antenna note book and after hours of research, some modelling and real world with various commercial and home brew baluns I have come to the final conclusion:

29 feet







119 feet

I have also found that you could vary the length by a foot or two ie 73′ is perfect for a Chameleon antenna or even 71 feet for the PackTenna 9:1 balun. These are minor adjustments. The longer lengths allow 160m and 80 meter operations.

I still find these lengths a bit long for efficient 10m and 6m operations where in every case a dipole or vertical had a better signal.

I suggest a linked long wire

Total length is 72 feet with switches or links at the 58 and 29 foot lengths. I use bullet connectors for RC cars to link them with a small clip to prevent them from breaking apart.

If I am in the bush or ravines and want to operate 40m then I usually will go with the short length but if I am checking into ONTARS on 3775 then the longer length is needed. The 58 foot length has been ideal for the 60m band and i then use a inverted V approach to getting the signal radiation angle up high.

It fits into a Molle pouch ready for action. I use this antenna with my Icom 703 as it has a built in tuner and fits in the LC-156 backpack with about 20 ft of RG-174 cable.

Another fun night of 6m activations on 3 back to back nets. NO FT8

Another fun night of 6m activations on 3 back to back nets.

The 6 on 6 group held their Wed night 730 pm 50.416 USB and could hear a few US stations coming in before roll call. NCS was VE3TGL in South Etobicoke running 25 watts to a Buddipole antenna.

I was able to work Uve even with a nulled out local power line racket.

Then the York Region ARC 8pm 50.135 USB started with Chris VE3NRT in Aurora. John VE3JI was running some power with a 5 element yagi in Newmarket

Then the 6m Chicken  830 pm 6m Simplex FMers had a few check ins from VE3GKX and VE3XVN Mobile.

I ran the 857D with a Ringo 6m Vertical and my Homebrew Hamstick style dipole in a V configuration up about 18 feet. I was able to null out the noise and improve on signal reception. A dipole is a very effective antenna and its nulling properties are forgotten but on Magic band they can actually be very useful.

Pics attached

Stations worked:

VA3GKX Yuri (Maple Park ops) Yaesu FT-891 and EFHW

VE3XVN Edwin (Markham Mobile)

VA3WJO Walter (Woodbridge Base) Icom 7300 and Hustler antenna

VE3TGL Uve (South Etobicoke Portable) Yaesu FT-891 and Buddipole antenna

VE3NRT Chris (Aurora Base) Delta Loop and Elecraft K3

VE3IBW Brian (Newmarket Base)

VA3PNL Paul (Richmond Hill Base) Delta Loop in attic

VA3LJL Linda (Richmond Hill Base) Delta Loop in attic

VE3UZI Jackson (Scarborough Mobile)

VE3JI john (Newmarket Base) Yagi and some power

Trunk Ops