Icom Back Pack for the JA Hiker in Us!

Lets go for a hike!! There is just enough room inside the small pack for a thermos of coffee and a first aid kit.

Icom sold out in 1 day when this was released over 10 years ago. I have photos somewhere of the Icom Hiking club on Mt Fuji.

Too bad when I actually was at Mount Fuji a few years ago it was with an Icom D-Star radio and the Yaesu FT-817.





Yaesu vs Icom vs Falcon Milspec

We had a day in the forest and we had fun with various A/B tests.

The Ft-991A vs the Icom 718 vs the Harris Falcon

G5RV vs Military Whip Antenna


The G5RV won in the 40m shoot out

The Falcon won in the SSB shoot out

Icom won the CW shootout (stupid Yaesu menus not friendly so we gave up)

Next time the Yaesu 991A  will win the cw shoot out due to the DSP

Stupid display washes out in the sun so the 991A may need a cover or sun gaurd going forward.

Power Pole Gadgets at the DMR Meet Up

Here are some power pole gadgets for a presentation I did at the GTA DMR meet up. I also ham a plate full of qrp antenna baluns with a UHF fox hunt loop.

These are simple afternoon projects.

Andre VE3WZW won the keychain voltmeter in the prize draw

I have made a key chain voltmeter, fuse patch, voltage reducer, polarity tester, splitter and another fuse patch.

The baluns include a 1:1, 4:1 and 9:1, a UHF loop and a 9:1 EFHW for 20m.

They are all in low cost Hammond boxes.


QRP Power Meter

I finally populated the board I got at Dayton as I did not have the resistors in my junk box. Every time I was at the electronics parts store(s) I would forget the resistors. Last week I did not forget as I used the PCB as a key chain.

I use a pocket voltmeter or a DVM for the power reading. It is fairly accurate only because the diode is a 1N34 (which are hard to come by these days).


The Direction Finding Loop Antenna

This is a great antenna for direction finding with or without the knock down attenuation boxes.

The radio needs a S meter for guidance in the signal direction.

I have not tried it with the tone box yet but so far it works very good.

Remember any signal can be 180 degrees out of sync so it is used more for close in work.

When I get a chance I will do a SWR sweep but I can trip the repeaters with it.