Amateur radio op buys a new ham radio, wife not pleased



I want a matching windbreaker!

kerchunk kerchunk

What happened to the good old days when your wife brought you a Schlitz while working the boys on the 75m phone Chicken Junction Net every night?

SchlitzHam happy wife happy life

SchlitzHam happy wife happy life

Buddipole or Buddistick DIY 8 Foot Mast

For my design I used a MSR adjustable pole. This pole is 8 foot when assembled and collapses down to packable size. The nice thing about it is it adjust from 82 to 102 inches which is a quarter wave on 10m and 11m and can be used as an antenna in its own right.

cost about $30

The guy ring is a paracord bracelet I made up to accommodate the mast diameter and then added several s-biners. I also use paracord for the guys using various tent stakes as needed

The other Home Depot special is a pvc insert and threaded end that fits the Buddipole versatee. I lock it down with a 1/4″ clip that is from Home Hardware

This works great for my SOTA, IOTA and Picnic Table of the World DX pursuits using the Buddipole or with the Buddistick configuration. I also have an insert with a 3/8″ stud mount that can take  a Hustler or Hamstick antenna that can be inserted.

The straps were also homebrew from shock cord and spring loaded clips from MEC as well. They are a direct copy of the Think Tank Red Whips cable ties that is always on back order so i figure I just make my own. But, I really really really like the red ones (hence why i have 40 of them)

Paracord Bracelet Guy Ring and Mast (3) Paracord Bracelet Guy Ring and Mast (2) Paracord Bracelet Guy Ring and Mast (1)