Dentron MLA-2500 2kw Monster

The GLA1000B was a cheap low cost 600 watt amplifier to compete against the Heathkit SB-200. Denny Dentron sold a ton of these workhorses


I  had the MLA2500 (10m mod and 220V) which was a monster on 10m with a Hygain Long John 10m beam and wiped out all 23 channels on CB if I sat it on channel 14. Boy, did that annoy Hanz and Piero 2 local FT101E cbers (no amplifier). The 2500 ran a 8875 tube in a grounded grid configuration. Some people say it was a bad design but it did work well.


The Long John is now made by MFJ and 5 elements on a 24 foot beam stripped my tv rotator very quickly needing a better rotator. 1db gain

My 100 watts output became as follows


200w – 3db

400w – 6db 1 S unit

800w – 9 db

1200w – 12db 2 S units

so the amplifier gave me a full 2 S units and with the Long John it gave me another almost 2 S units

So if you are in Japan and hear the local guy with 100 watts at S9 then I will bust in at 24db over S 9. Ok but its not a big deal except I may be the strongest signal from VE3 to JA on short path.

The value is when the band starts to slide and we start losing propagation to the Asia-pacific and when the local guy is bending the meter at S 5 I will be a full 4 S units so now I will be at S 9. Thats a big difference and where the beam and or the amplifier helps out.

The other nice thing is that i can keep the europeans coming in on the back of the beam if pointed south to a reasonable 6-7 s units below. This is because the F/B ratio on the long john is about 36 db. If every s unit is 6db then we have a 5×9 DL5 being reduced to an S3.

If you choose to name an antenna after me then I will buy it

BTW: the FCC banned all amplifiers with the 10m input due to the CBers using them for nefarious activity but in Canada that was not an issue and you ordered the “Export Model”



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