C4Labs Zum Pi Case Quick Review

I love my ZumSpot and tried a 3D printed case but was disapointed in its looks.

I found the C4 Labs case from HRO

Get one from Dustin as well at http://www.C4labs.com and view his list of other 3D primnted cases for various single board computers.

You will be very happy with the extreme high quality of the plastic used and the laser cut precision.

The gum pack power stick will run the Zumspot for several hours making it a small and light kit


Canadian National Parks on the Air Activation – ON06 Rouge Natural Urban Park – Firtst CNPOTA Contact and Activation

As many know the CNPOTA is a new program to have hams visit and activate the Nation parks and Historic Sites as per the web site https://cnpota.ca/

It is also a chance for Chasers to seek out and work these portable operators

Please check out the web site for rules and information. This is a volunteer run operation.

I believe I am the first park activation for 2019 with more to follow.

I will post some details shortly about my experience.