Pocket Voltmeter Build out

This was a quick 20 minute project including a dremel job to cut out the square to drop the voltmeter module and a slot for the Anderson pole

This will prove very handy and the key chain holder touch turned out to be super sweet if you use the Hammond plastic box


Now go melt some solder

pocket volt meter.jpg

Field Day is Coming Start Planning Now

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QRZ Field Day

l. Check reservations at Field Day Site. Arrange for Keys, AC, access to all areas.
2. Line up use of Emergency Management generator 3-weeks before Field Day. Find backup generator from club member.
a. check battery, oil, gas and proper tuning of generator before Field Day
b. after 10 minutes of duty cycle check voltage output and hertz.
c. bring two gas cans for 24-hour operation
3. Special Equipment Make calendar for special arrangements with location and equipment ahead of time
4. Bring equipment supply boxes from EOC
a. Survey contents before FD, power boxes and extensions
b. Bring club banners (yellow and big blue)
c. Rope for mounting banners
5. Food & soft drinks
a. Assign three people to buy food and soft drinks for Saturday and Sunday
b. Arrange for mid-night cookout, breakfast, and two lunches
c. Plates, plastic silverware, hot & cold cups, glasses, knives, napkins, serving utensils and paper towels
d. Ice and coolers (members supply coolers) (club buys ice)
6. Assign equipment person to oversee–
a. Radios, tuners and antennas
b. Two or three HF stations, Novice, packet, ATV and 2-meter talk-in
c. Recommend having (one) supervisor during exercise who coordinates which rigs are to be used on what frequencies. Someone familiar with tuning all rigs to be used.

1. Five 150 foot lengths of coax for antennas to grounding block
2. Five 50 foot lengths of coax for radio to grounding block
3. Soldiering iron with soldier
4. Rotor with 15-foot mast section
5. 200 foot multi-strand rotor control cable
6. Crimping tool with various fork and butt connectors
7. Three grounding rods with football clamps (for equipment, generators)
8. Grounding straps or cable for radios (approx. 50 foot)
9. Sledge hammer
10 Complete set of tools (sockets-adjustable wrentch-plyers-screw drivers-wire striper )
11. Headphones with splitter boxes for each station (need 1/8″ & 1/4″ jacks w/adjustable volume controls)
12. Pencils, pens, note paper and official log sheets. (check green box for supplies) (recommend using computer and logging program during event to enter contacts each hour)
13. Duct tape, electrical tape, foam rubber window sill where wires enter building
14. Keyers, microphones, related radio station items
15. Flashlights with extra batteries
16. Box fans for ventilation
17. Bug repellent
18. Beam antenna and wire antennas
a. Multi-band beam w/rotor
b. Multi-band vertical
c. Duel band base
19 Extra gas cans and oil for generators
20. Grounding block for window
21. Extension cords and multi-outlet strips (recommend club buy extras)
22. Drop light with extra bulb
23. Guy wire and rope
24. Climbing belt
25. Jumper coax for radio to tuner (Need 8-cables)
26. Wire markers for coax (identifies which antenna it leads to)
27. Wire ties (6″ type)
28. Extension ladder
29 Step ladder