POTA VE-1368 MNRP After Action Report

Tested out my new Arrow GP6 vertical and my mast took a drop when its hitch pin fell out when I tugged on the 40m leg

I will use a bolt and nut to retain it going forward

The vertical took a bit of a bash with some elements bent

You are not a Ham until the antenna you bought gets crashed before making a single contact

It performs like a vertical should and its rugged so no damage doen and no swr worries from 50.1 ssb to 52.525 to 53.3 for repeaters

Any other antenna would have crumbled as the Arrow is solid aluminum rod

No luck on 1296 with the Looper on the red tripod and the Icom 705 so we will see on Saturday at the Sprints

I need to confirm the power level for the 705 to put out 200mw into the transverter. The power level was like at 3%. The memory button box is a Ham Radio Workbench prototype

I need to get a bit more organized as I bring more stuff to the field. The Ham Radio Workbench memory button box worked like a champ

6m Stationary Mobile POTA Style or Parking Lot On the Air PLOTA

Yaesu FT-891, Buddipole Power Analyzer, Bioenno 12v 9AH, Diamond AH502B

I gotta say this Diamond antenna is a breeze to set up for field operations and its not really designed for Permanent Usage

Trailer Hitch Antenna Mount
Oh Oh Yury VA3GKX showed up with his Moxon. Radio checks show to be just as good as the 2 Element HB9CV style yagi. The Arrow 6m Beam is on Order. PLOTA try it today