RAC World Radio Day Certificates are Ready

Did you work a RAC Special Event station?

Radio Amateurs of Canada is once again operated “Get on the Air on World Amateur Radio Day” special event in which we encourage as many Amateurs as possible to get on the air and contact as many RAC stations as possible.

  • RAC official stations will operated across Canada from 1200Z to 2359Z on April 18. The RAC official station call signs are VA2RAC, VA3RAC, VE1RAC, VE4RAC, VE5RAC, VE6RAC, VE7RAC, VE8RAC, VE9RAC, VO1RAC, VO2RAC, VY0RAC, VY1RAC and VY2RAC.

Get your certificate here and be one of the 3,347 who worked a special event station

Trailer Hitch Antenna Mount for Parking Lot Operation

After 3 trips to the park for parking lot operations I think I have my rapid deployment antenna set up working as I want it.

I deploy the hitch extender so the SUV door can close without hitting the mast. The actual hitch has a Pintle Plate Hitch and as you can see I have added some bolts and a retainer clip.

My Manfrotto mast assembly fits perfect in the hitch pipe and I can strong arm antenna rotation as needed. If I use a PVC Tube I can use my 32 foot fiberglass masts as well.

Check the PackTenna page as well

Hitch Extender and Pintle Plate Hitch. I did not put the hitch pins in yet
I added a pivot bolt so I can “walk the tower up” then use a retainer clip to hold in place.
PackTenna 40m/20m linked dipole NO TUNER REQUIRED
Christopher the Cardinal already chirping on top
1296 set up
6m Dipole

Field Day Power Box 100 Amps

Lets Run 50 watt for hours just in time for Field Day

Take a Deep Cycle battery for 100 AH
Place into Boating Battery Box with cheap and dirty voltage checker
Button it Up
13 Volts ….lets go make QSO

Based on the calculations I should be ok for a days use but I plan to add solar panels and charge it as we go along


Super Antenna MP-1 x VE3IPS Collaboration

I have been using the original MP-1 (Vern) and the new Super Antenna MP-1 (Bonnie) with an extended whip antenna

I have been using this for 10 years to great effect

The military AT-271 antenna is twice the length of the original model whip

The FG-1 guide is useless but just tune for maximum noise then check for SWR

Counterpoise is required

I also mix and match with other military antenna items and Buddipole, MFJ and Wolf River stuff

Super Antenna MP-1 with AT-271 whip

The Waterproof PackTenna 9:1 Balun

Snug and waterproof with the coax connector facing downwards.

You could use silicone caulking to waterproof the connector using the adapter, but since I have several Buddipole 25 and 50 foot antenna lengths, I can pop the box open and connect the BNC cable.

Throw a wire in the tree and go make QSO

I can also undo the bolts and use the balun off a carabiner on a sunny day and save the weight of the Pelican style box