More PackTenna Mini 50:1

I had a nice qso yesterday with a local ham that was looking to bring a simple antenna for his FT-817 Yaesu QRP radio

For single band use this is ideal as a tuner is not needed, for multiband use he could use a linked half wave element that has links at the half wave mark for each band he is going to use

16 feet for 10m, 28 feet for 17m, 33 feet for 20m and 66 feet for 40m

I really like whatMatt K0MOS a SOTA maniac has done with his  antenna

linked EFHW for 10-20m

You could also put the #26 silky wire in a Coleman clothesline and reel in and out the correct length

Or if you have an antenna tuner built into your qrp radio like the Elecraft KX-?? or Icom 703 radios the end fed 9:1 balun and 29 feet of wire may be the right antenna for you

I have the PackTenna 9:1 balun and it works great

Click to access packtenna.pdf

Jim Spilsbury – Canada’s Radio Man and Aviation Pioneer

SPILSBURY _ Jim, painter, writer, pioneer and legend on the B.C. Coast has passed away on April 20, 2003, at the age of 97. Jim, although born in England in 1905, lived his life on the coast of B.C. His parents started out in Whonnock, moving to Savary Island by 1912. At the age of 17 Jim made his first Crystal set, which led to a career in marine radio telecommunications. He travelled up and down the coast, first on the “Mary”, later on the “Five B.R.” and finally on the “Blithe Spirit”, visiting logging and fishing camps to install and maintain radios, and open up communications to the outside world. The evolution of the accidental airline, Queen Charlotte Airlines, during the period 1944-1955 opened up the transportation links along the B.C. coast from Vancouver to Kitimat. His wonderful story telling abilities and life experiences were documented in “Spilsbury’s Coast”, “The Accidental Airline”, and “Spilsbury’s Album”. Jim’s books were interspersed with his pastel paintings, which displayed his love and reflection of the westcoast. His lifetime of achievements have been recognized with numerous transportation and communications awards, the Order of B.C., and most recently, the 50th Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He leaves an unparalleled legacy to his very proud and loving family, Ron (Candace) Spilsbury, Dave (Gloria) Spilsbury, Marie Langton, Lauren Spilsbury, Natalie Killough; his grandchildren, Terri (Andrew) Ileander, Tracy (Todd) Wynes, Dawn (Dave) Pucci, Joanne (Roger) Gissen, Shayne (Kim) Langton, Chad Langton, Cheryl (Rob) Kwaksistala, Wendy Nielsen; his great-grandchildren, Mackenzie, Joshua, and Chloe Kwaksistala, and Cameron Wynes. Jim will be sorely missed, but fondly remembered, by his friends and family. Out of respect for Jims wishes, there will be no memorial service.



Icom 703 Battery Mount

I am now on my third Icom 703 and the first thing I needed to do was build the battery mount for it.

I use a Duratraxx Lion battery 10.1V 5000 maH and because the Icom 703 lacks a built in battery tray like the Yaesu FT-817, this clever idea does the trick.

I just used some scrap aluminum and 4 rubber feet and some velcro

See the full article at Phil’s site:

icom 703 battery mount.jpg

ARES SET Ham Radio in The Middle of Nowhere June 2016

The York Region ARES Emcomm participated in the bi-annual Simulated Emergency Test with the GTA ARES teams

I decided to do a shakedown of my new GOBOX and NVIS antenna and set up in the middle of nowhere and rely on team mates to locate me via my aprs beacon (which Lourdes and Robert did)

My focus was on Winlink tests that went very well being close to the VE3BAL Packet repeater. So emails were sent out to team members but we still need to improve on our participation in Winlink testing

As usual I overpacked

john ve3ips set

Fusion Simplex contacts went well with Robert VE3RQB at the other end

D-Star simplex with the trailer also was a success

trailer 2

John, Barry, Rick and Robert

yrarc trailer

This proves that digital modes do have a play in ARES for communications either intra-county or between EOCs

I did manage to contact the HF SET Net control but he was ill equipped to properly communicate as he had s9 noise levels to a long wire (not the right antenna for an exercise)

Lesson Learned was that my Diamond antenna mast fell apart while being raised (i fixed that) and untangling the mess of NVIS antenna wires took 20 minutes of wasted time

Bonus of this was I got to work W9IMS  while getting ready to unpack proving the NVIS antenna had good reach out to Indy at 800 km



Milton Hamfest Drone Footage

A spy drone managed by Harry X was seen overhead at the hamfest raising a lot of eyebrows.

This is a first in the 42 years that the hamfest has been held to have a drone visit.

Recognize anything or anyone? I see Mike MKX, John VE3IPS and Victor VA3POQ and Robert VA3BXG walking around