Mass Protest Planned Over Dues Increase

​Mass Protest Planned Over Dues Increase2/23/20212 Comments 

​The recently announced increase to the North Fraser Amateur Radio Club’s (NFARC) annual membership fee has sparked outrage amongst a radical group within the membership. For the last two years, dues have been held steady at $0.00 per year (tax included) but at last month’s meeting the executive passed a motion increasing them by 5000%.
“This was done without consulting any of the members,” said a disgruntled member, “I’m no mathematician, but I know a big number when I see it and 5000% is a lot.”

Another club member, wearing a MAGA hat (Make Amateur Great Again) was overheard at a local Pizza Gate restaurant discussing a planned protest on 146.520 MHz.  According to the parents of one protestor, their son was told to meet on 6.52 next Wednesday and wait for instructions. It is suspected that the group’s leader will then encourage them all to QSY to 147.420 and storm the frequency. If the storming of 7.42 succeeds, this will be only the second time that frequency has been stormed since the founding of the 2 meter band.

Reached for comment, an NFARC exec member said, “This is the sort of crazy behavior we have seen from this group from time to time. They get all their information from loud mouths on the FOX repeater and never question any of it.”
But what is the truth? The investigative news program 60 Meters caught up with the club’s President of Keeping the Money, who confessed the group had made some mistakes. “Look,” he said, “2020 was a tough year for everyone, especially our club. The worse was that we got sold on supporting this crazy Canada Hub idea. It sounded great at first. There was mention of Raspberry Pies for each province, who wouldn’t vote for that? But then we found out how big Canada actually is. Who knew? Running that much Ethernet cable was well beyond our budget.”

In anticipation of the mass protest, police are now monitoring 2 meters and making anyone within 500 kHz of 7.42 QSY. They may even impose radio silence at sundown.

Trying to strike a reconciliatory mood, NFARC Presidential candidate Adrian VE7NZ declared: “We are better than this. We cannot let a few radicals destroy our hobby. We cannot let fringe groups desecrate the hallowed frequencies of 6.52 and 7.42. We must unite under one band plan. We must represent all amateur operators, even the robots on DMR.” If elected, he promises to reduce next year’s dues by at least 100%. Meanwhile, MAGA has proactively declared that the election is rigged.
By Adrian VE7NZ 

Editors Note: Adrian VE7NZ is already a President of North Fraser ARC despite being impeached twice, however failing to be convicted by the required 2/3 vote in the NFARC Senate on both occasions. – Scott VA7SL

VE3IPS Comment: I have heard these MAGA “Proud Hams” running comms on 6.52 and 7.42 HF USB using NVIS style antennas with FT817 manpacks and they keep saying something about SSTV on CH1 FM.

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