Diamond RH205 2m Long John Antenna

The Diamond RH-205 was very popular in the 1980s as the must have antenna for 2m operators.


  •     Length: 124 cm
  •  Collapsed: 23 cm
  •  Maximum diameter: 12 mm
  •  Weight: 90 g

It seems to function as a 1 / 4λ antenna when the rod is shortened to the shortest length, and with earth ground · SWR drops to about 1.2 at 150 MHz. When the rod is extended about 8 cm (about 2/3 levels), the bottom of the SWR becomes near 145 MHz.

I have several of these also as MFJ clones and work great for packet or aprs operation using older style hand helds (meaning they have a BNC antenna jack)


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