PackTenna Balun with a Linked Dipole

I have various PackTenna baluns that I use for portable, mobile and field operations.

Each has its own purpose

1:1 Balun to reduce rf currents on the outside coax layer

9:1 UNUN to allow the use of a single wire for multiband use (tuner required)

RF Choke for inline use at the radio end

Remember,  Nick and George created a system of components that allows different configurations using various building blocks that can be used within the system or outside the system with other brand components.

Here is an example of using the Packtenna 1:1 Balun with a linked dipole. I have been building my antennas using their 2mm banana jacks and liberal use of the Niteze carabiners so that I can mix and match the building blocks.






  1. ve7hamradio · January 4

    Reblogged this on Coastal Ham Radio.


  2. Walter Underwood · January 5

    Your winders are designed to support figure-8 winding. That avoids twisting the wire. It is also really easy to pull off at right angles to the winder, just let the winder rock back and forth.

    Check the video on this page for the details of figure-8 winding.

    wunder, K6WRU

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  3. Mike Hohmann · January 7

    Thanks John! And good tip, Walter. Thanks. Mike, KEØGZT


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