Panadapter Yaesu FT-817, 897, 857 RTL2832u out IF MF 68,33 Mhz

Grazie per questo lavoro Amici caro  I6IBE ivo e IW6OVD Fernando for all your work on supporting the great Yaesu radios

Hi, further use of dongle containing the chip RTL2832 + E4000 and ‘the creation of a PANADAPTER for RTX series Yaesu FT-897, 817, and 857, the idea of IW6OVD and’ to pull out the IF to 68.33 Mhz by MF of rx Yaesu and make it available as a signal to the antenna input of penne DVB-T RTL2832 that can safely receive from 60 to 1700 MHz, and without any hardware change. We got a Panadapter can display to monitor a range of approximately 2 Mhz in RECEPTION, practically and ‘can track all radio spectrum and more’, or rather the whole gang operated from VFO dellRTX. RTX with a Yaesu tuned to 7,050 MHz, with the entire band panadapter rtl2832, we will monitor degrees, of 40 meters or more in operating modes imposed by the SDR and operate the related filters. The average frequency signal to be taken by Yaesu must work on a frequency that the dongle digests normally, then patterns the hand have been identified at 68,33 Mhz IF to the filter heads XF1001 MF68Q common to all apparcchiature Yaesu FT-817 and FT-857/897, we decided to withdraw the 68 MHz via a common capacitor 100 pF directly that pro ‘on the input of the filter leg was overloaded, the insertion of a 150 ohm resistor in series has brilliantly solved the thing. E ‘can also take the signal from the free end of the secondary of the transformerT1024 (T1023) , possibly Test them and choose the one that less overloaded the circuit. A random few meters we risciti antenna to tune numerous stations broadcasting in amplitude modulation, of course we tried everything even in the FM 144 and the local National-Link 431 350 MHz with more ‘than perfect results, further tests were conducted in SSB 144 Mhz. The tests will continue with FT-857 HF in GammaE with dedicated antenna, like software we used SDRSHARP, try HDSDR and WINRAD.The area of intervention to pick up to 68 MHz IF and ‘very limited, components and’ totally SMD so very small and difficult to weld, do not do damage, a 150 ohm resistor and a ceramic capacitor from 100 pF to achieve a OUTPUT MF to 68 MHz, an additional cable maybe grafted SMA will complete ‘the work, other short news’ after its TEST. At the moment my FT-817 picks up the MF point “A” and not found a malfunction, the IW6OVD FT-857 presents problems OVERLOAD (the sull’s’meter signal RTX, drops considerably as soon as you connect the device) either by taking the point “a” to “B” so we are still in the testing phase. I remember that for this type of changes are strictly forbidden welders cleaver or acetylene 🙂 need magnifying glasses and soldering iron tip end 6-watt, a lot of patience and a little luck, I do not feel responsible for damages caused by operratori insesperti, clumsy and unprofessional, the possibility ‘of doing irreversible damage and’ high, possibly ask for assistance with an electronic laboratory specilaizzato SMD or good professionals. 73 de I6IBE ivo and IW6OVD Fernando

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