HamRadio360 – Workbench Mini PowerPole Power Strip PCB

I finally got to meet and shake hands with the HamRadio360 gang in person at Dayton Hamvention 2017- Cale K4CDN, Jeremy KF7IJZ and George KJ6VU

One of the kit pcb’s I picked up was the PowerPole Power Strip

More details at http://hamradio360.com/index.php/workbench/

These guys have a fantastic builders and non-appliance operator  podcast in conjunction with Cale’s excellent show.

Takes 15 minutes to build but super useful

I bought the Anderson Poles from the good people at Debco that also had a booth at the show

Happy Building and melting some solder

NOTE: in the hurry to get the PCB ready for Dayton Hamvention the 4 mounting holes will short out if metal screws and a metal cabinet are used. Use plastic screws. I ran some velcro on mine so i can affix it to various field rigs and power units




One comment

  1. survivaltechnord · May 22, 2017

    Outstanding! I’ve built more complex fused strips, but always need these simple types for stacking solar panels. Thanks for the heads up.


    You could also build it out with perf board but a nice PCB just makes it more rugged

    John ve3ips


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