More PackTenna Mini 50:1

I had a nice qso yesterday with a local ham that was looking to bring a simple antenna for his FT-817 Yaesu QRP radio

For single band use this is ideal as a tuner is not needed, for multiband use he could use a linked half wave element that has links at the half wave mark for each band he is going to use

16 feet for 10m, 28 feet for 17m, 33 feet for 20m and 66 feet for 40m

I really like whatMatt K0MOS a SOTA maniac has done with his  antenna

linked EFHW for 10-20m

You could also put the #26 silky wire in a Coleman clothesline and reel in and out the correct length

Or if you have an antenna tuner built into your qrp radio like the Elecraft KX-?? or Icom 703 radios the end fed 9:1 balun and 29 feet of wire may be the right antenna for you

I have the PackTenna 9:1 balun and it works great

Click to access packtenna.pdf

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