Hamfests are back and so are Drive Inns

Dave Margetts VE3EBM

Hamfest(last updated 2022-08-20, listed 2022-08-20)Sponsoring club:Hanover Ham Haul Local HamsEvent Date:2022-08-20This is the fourth annual Hanover Ham Haul and is being held again in the Town of Hanover Ontario at the Hanover Drive-In grounds on August 20, 2022.

The gate opens at 0830 for Vendors and at 0930 for the public. The hamfest runs until 1:00 PM (1300 hours). The entry fee is $5 for each person and $5 per vendor space. Children under 12 are free. All proceeds after expenses go to the support of local charities.

The Drive In concession will be open at 9:30 for drinks, hot dogs, fries, popcorn and the WASHROOMS. The washrooms will be cleaned and sanitized as they always have in the past. The Drive-In owner has supported the Hanover Ham Haul each year now and we need to remember their support when we are onsite. Let’s try to visit the concession while at the hamfest.

The use of masks will be individual choice unless the Ontario requirements change before then and hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the site.

This is one Hamfest that has run each year even during the Covid-19 restrictions. This year there are no restrictions as yet so lets get out and enjoy this opportunity to have fun, interact and support local charities. The Hanover Ham Haul is an open air tailgate type event and will run regardless of the weather so be sure to prepare for rain (then you won’t need to use it, hi, hi).

Talk in frequency 146.52 Simplex, no tone. For those that use GPS the coordinates are 44.1508° N, 81.0033° W.

Further information, if required, can be obtained by emailing davemargetts@bmts.com.

See you there!!
I bought the KW transmatch off of Mike
Break break lower 38 runing a KW can you hear me?

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