CF3BP Special Event Station Edward S. Rogers “The Transatlantics”

So far this has been a lot of fun and generated a lot of activity in our club to honour and celebrate the historical moment 100 years ago.

Ted was licensed as 3BP in 1919 and ran a 500 watt spark.

He was the only Canadian heard in Scotland on Dec 10, 1921 and ran the spark gap while everyone else ran CW. Not long after, Ted was running CW as well.

This was not a Marconi moment but a “Rogers” moment. In fact. Marconi insisted that signals at 200m was not possible to cross the ocean and the longer 600m wavelengths were preferred. Marconi was proved wrong. In fact, the initial shakedown proved difficult as the receiver was getting swamped from the Marconi spark stations.

The ARRL sent Godley with his 9 tube Superhet to try again. Godley met beverage on the ship over and ended up using a Beverage antenna.

Ham radio really did start just over 100 years ago with the term DX

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