1296.1 SSB POTA VE-1368

I had the pleasure to work Chris VE3EAY on 1296.1 SSB and FM with a distance of 30 miles

Chris ran his SG Labs transverter and Yaesu 736 IF radio with a Comet Yagi

I ran my SG Labs transverter and the Icom 705 as the IF radio and a DEMI Looper

Signals were 59 Plus with both transmitting at 2 watts PEP

This is the first POTA contact from this park on 1200Mhz

Chris had pounding rain at 7am and said that I will have rain at 8am so the plans were scrubbed

At 8am it looked like no rain so I took off to the park location and yes, when I started setting up it started to rain so I grabbed the poncho

Ten minutes later we had success and managed a great QSO

yeah I know a year later and i still have the OEM plastic screen sheeting – Thats how I roll!

My previous contact was with VE3EU at 70 miles and I was his first 1296 contact as a bonus

One comment

  1. Bob Truitt WA4A · October 13

    FB on the great portable QRP microwave setup! Thanks for sharing the photos and details of your QSO! 432 and 222 are fun bands for mountain topping but haven’t tried 1296 yet.


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