Yaesu FT-5D vs FT-3D Why Buy?

Thanks Yaesu for another shiny hand held that we can spend our Covid savings on


The FT3D has been discontinued and is no longer available, but what makes the new FT5D different from the FT 3D?

The design has a more colorful impression. The size is almost unchanged. 

The main body has the following two strengthening points.
・ Improved waterproofness FT3D IPX5 equivalent → FT5D IPX7 equivalent
・ Speaker volume improvement. Built-in speaker FT3D 700mW → FT5D 1000mW (1W). External SP terminal FT3D 300mW → FT5D 500mW.

Other newly added functions

[Touch & Go operation] by activity monitor (new function) (convenient for simultaneous monitoring of air band )

◆ PMG (primary memory group activity monitor ) function
Register frequently used frequencies and press the [PMG] key. only registered with the state (signal intensity) of the frequency display (bar graph up to five channels)
moving instantly to that channel by simply touching the bar graph

◆ CAM (CH activity monitor) function 

It is possible to register frequencies (memory channels ) frequently used by friends in the CAM group and operate while monitoring the status (signal strength) of each channel with a bar graph . Instantly move to that channel by simply touching the bar graph

◆ Dual LED indicator FT3D has one indicator
◆ The character color of the band to be operated can be switched between white / blue / red
◆ Full-scale robust and shock-resistant structure equipped with a rubber protector
★ New equipment (included) Quick release holster (SHB-26) standard equipment

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