1. Wil Robinson · 14 Days Ago

    I remember reading about a “tool” for jammers. It was used in the early days of ham radio. Basically, it was a nicely sharpened bolt cutter affair used for taking a foot out of coax of an offending ham. That was in the days of self-policing on steroids.

    Personally, I think when we went “no code” and dumbed down tests just to encourage new hams, we created another set of CB frequencies. Also, there may be a lot of used gear sold to non-hams. I know of a Jeep club out west that uses 2 meter gear without licenses, though some of the guys are using hams’ call signs, as it’s so easy to find a call sign online from another part of the country.

    On the bright side, their equipment will break and they won’t be able to repair it.

    73 de n6bvz/4 wil


  2. ve3ips · 7 Days Ago

    ARRL Has the Woouf Hong, CBers have pins in the coax, Canadian Hams have polite tolerance and real Hams use hack saws and bolt cutter for4 sure hihi

    Baefeng kiddies are the problem with their roger beeps, kerchunks, on going burps and coughs, mumblers and depression sounding voices.

    Lately, someone is busy with a tape recorder playing back audio snippets all the time.

    Friday night Beer bashes is also a problem for those with UV-5Rs

    For some , Jamming is Ham radio


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