DK9SQ Square Loop Documentation

I know that Jose published some information on the loop but I have the actual 1 page instruction sheet that may be more readable.

This is a fantastic antenna and YES it needs a tuner

I can also use the mast for my linked dipole

I am working on a feather weight 2m 3 element Yagi that can sit on top of this pole at a height of 24 feet


  1. ve7hamradio · 19 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on Coastal Ham Radio.


  2. Tom Gregorski · 19 Days Ago

    Thanks for posting. This looks like a version of M0PLK Multiband Delta Loop Antenna. Except it is easier to deploy. Is the section of wire going from the “balun box” to the “white connector” made of ladder line?


  3. ve3ips · 19 Days Ago

    No its speaker wire!


  4. ve3ips · 19 Days Ago

    Tom, its diamond shaped where as the other is a Delta Loop


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