Central States Spring Sprint 2m SSB Contest

I had a chance to grab a 16 ft painters Pole, my Yaesu FT-857D and an Arrow 3 element yagi and take off to the park for an hour of contest fun before it got too dark.

The Yaesu is on an Alice frame pack.

I was QRV in about 15 minutes operating out of the back of the SUV – stand up style operating under VE3IQ

I made 19 contacts into 4 Grid squares but the gold happened when K8ZR responded to my CQ

Anthony was 176 miles away proving my basic set up was highly effective. My goal in each Sprint is to try to work a new grid and try out different rover set ups.

I am looking to add a Printle Plate to my trailer hitch and use an aluminum mast in place of the painter pole. Its OK for a light yagi but I have heard of them breaking under a heavier load or windy conditions.

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