Garmin NUVI Geochron Hack

Thanks to WA2ISE for this brilliance. He is a ham radio maniac

Garmin nuvi GPS’s have been around just long enough that we end up with extras. Older ones we didn’t want to spend the money to update the maps. But you can use it in your shack to get very accurate time zulu. Get a 5V wall wart with a small USB plug and use it to power and charge the GPS. Assuming it can hear the GPS satellites, you can go to a screen with a clock. On the screen that says “Where to” and “view map” pick “tools”, then hit the down arrow to get to “world clock”. Hit that, and you’ll see a clock of your time zone plus digital time of 3 cities. Okay, go back to “tools” and pick “settings” and then “time”. You’ll see choices: 12 hour, 24 hour and UTC, and then select “UTC”. Then go back to world clock, and you’ll see time zulu as digits. Now select “World Map” to get a display of where it’s daytime, night, and where the grayline currently is. This is a strip of the Earth where propagation is usually good. This “World Map” looks a little like a miniature Geochron. And you’ll still have the time zulu (UTC) displayed. This will work anywhere in the world, great for DXpeditions and in the Mobile



  1. Wil Robinson · December 2, 2020

    Great thinking. I was just wondering what to do with an older Garmin–now I shall mount it in my sailboat.

    73 de wil, n6bvz/4


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