LDG Z-817 Review and there is a BIG SECRET Reveal

This is a purpose built tuner for the Yaesu FT-817/817ND and 818 QRP radio

It can handle 20 watts and uses latching relays to conserve its built in (4 AA) battery power

It can remember 2000 memory points to quicken tuning withing 2 seconds

Coverage is 1.8 to 54 Mhz and it is continuous so no issues using it on 60m or even the maritime bands

The range is excellent covering from 6 to 600 ohms. The tuner on the Icom 7300 is 16 to 150 ohms so you can load up a couple of shopping carts or my “Crutches” antenna

The tuner interfaces with the FT-81x with a foot long CAT cable making integration fast and simple.

Just push the button and GO

The BIG SECRET is that this tuner can be used with other QRP radios by just transmitting a carrier and pressing the TUNE button. Of course you dont need the CAT cable

Remember 20 Watts max power so it will work with your Clansman, Yaesu, Icom 705 or even the Transworld Fly Away radio

BTW I will be using this with the Icom 705 with a pretty simple 5x5x2 inch box

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