SOTA Activation W1/AM-381 Mt Agamenticus

This is an easy drive up to the summit type operation and is perfect for the tourist or business traveler.

This makes it a lot simpler to get an activation in the log.

I did let the Ranger know what I was planning to do and they were very pleased with the ask first approach. I used a and was anxious to try out the Xiegu G90 Radio as the built in tuner would make things easier to get going. I didn’t think I would have the room to get set up a proper linked dipole for 40m and 20m. So I focused on 20m contacts

This is also a commercial site so my handheld was getting desensed but I did manage to squeeze out a simplex contact with N1DID who was mobile. I could practically see her from the summit driving down I95.

Pretty much a simple activation with wonderful views and a great interpretation center and gift shop.

The highlight was working NM8GS which was a USA-394 Lighthouse activation from Light Ship Huron in Port Huron Michigan. Also working W0MNA in Kansas made the longest distance that day.

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