S Meters are Wrong? can you hear me OK?

I always understood that an S unit was a difference of 6db if you were transmitting 5 watts then 20 watts the S meter at the far end would register 1 more S unit

Now it seems that things have changed and according to  DJ0IP, Most recent Japanese transceivers are using just 3 dB per S-Unit. This makes the received signal look stronger and is this a marketing gimmick or the real world now

The standard 50uv signal denotes S9 and is used to align S meters to that standard and continues but the linearity between S units has changed

The performance of the S meter is measured in the big Radcom reviews as stated by G8ADD, and this is what they give for a random selection of recent transceivers:

FTDX101D 2.5 – 3.0 dB
IC9700 – 2.5 dB
TS890S – 3.5 dB
IC7610 – 3.0 dB
IC7300 – 3.0 dB

FT891 – 3.0 dB.



I guess my 59 over 40db signal running 20 watts to a wire in a tree has become meaningless and should now be “Can you hear me ok?”

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