Icom 705 Be Active Field Radio Finally Announced

Icom announced the new Icom 705 Field radio at ham Fair 2019

All Modes including DV and covers HF, 6m, 2m, 70 cm

The European model will include the 4m band

This will compete against the Yaesu FT-991/991a directly offering multiband performance in a single package.

Icom 7100 is now going to be officially discontinued and all inventory being cleared out to make room for this radio at retailers shelves

Its missing the built in tuner forcing users to add a AH-4 or LDG tuner to the go box
HF + 50MHz + 144MHz + 430MHz

SSB | CW | RTTY | AM | FM | DV

10W output power

Large color screen

SDR architecture

Internal battery that can use batteries from the ID-51 handheld. Please note the belt clip will need to be removed

GPS & Bluetooth

D-STAR equipped

Wifi capability

Can be charged via USB port

comes with a speaker/mic and vhf/uhf rubber duck and the same battery used in the ID-51 allowing 5 watts

10 watts usung 13.8 volts

weighs 1kg

all the touch screens and features of the 7300 in a 8x8x4 box


For active QRP, Field and SOTA operators this changes everything and brings a new style of radio to the mix.



  1. Nathan Long · August 31

    “Icom 7100 is now officially discontinued and all inventory being cleared out to make room for this radio at retailers shelves” What is the source here? This isn’t something that is usually “announced” during a press conference, and this isn’t being reported anywhere else… Also, it doesn’t seem like a 100w HF mobile/base radio (ft-991a/ic-7100) occupies the same market space as a 10W QRP field radio.


    • ve3ips · August 31

      Nathan, many 7100 owners use their radio on D-Star so this makes a wonderful replacement with an awesome display. Many 991 owners again use the radio for the upper bands and as a field radio to replace their old FT-897 so this would be an ideal choice. Comparisons are already being made for digital users where this radio could shine. Icom is supplying a uhv/vhf rubber duck so its hinting to how the japanese hams will use this radio. My Elecraft lovers are already claiming that Icom missed the mark. I gotta say it can use my ID-51 batteries, has usb, gps, sc card and bluetooth and I am on the waiting list. https://icomuk.co.uk/files/icom/PDF/newsFile/IC-705_Tokyo_Hamfair.pdf

      Icom makes for Japanese hams and Rocket Radio in Tokyo is already taking deposits.

      Look at the FT-891 being popular as a QRP radio where the market is blurring.


      • Nathan Long · September 2

        Has ICom released an official statement that the IC-7100 is discontinued?


      • ve3ips · September 3

        Icom has a $100 discount in effect to clear inventory and the local retail stockist has it on special order only. They HAVE NOT made a statement but apparently that is the plan.


  2. ve7hamradio · September 6

    Reblogged this on Coastal Ham Radio.


  3. ctd1500a · September 8

    Big mistake… 10 watts is nothing compared to 100 watts. QRP can only really be marginally effective if you have a fantastic antenna setup. Anyone who buys one of these and expects to work stations reliably is either delusional or must have an absolutely fantastic antenna setup and possibly a huge brick amplifier that covers HF, VHF, and UHF.


    • ve3ips · September 9

      Thousands of QRP enthusiasts are making contacts with less than 10 watts. Charles, the trick is to use the right antenna. I have QSL cards to prove it

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      • ctd1500a · September 13

        I do not disagree but it requires a great antenna installation requiring usually a massive investment in money and ideal real estate locations. It can be done but to set the expectation that anyone can buy this little radio and expect to make reliable contacts with it is a mistake. Again there is a huge difference between 10 and 100 watts.
        If you are living in an apartment or a condo with severe antenna restrictions then qrp is going to be next to impossible.


  4. ctd1500a · September 9

    A QRP rig like this is great for those who are into QRP and as competition for Yasu, Kenwood, and other manufacturers equivalent rigs. The problem I have is discontinuing the Icom IC 7100 in the wake of this. The Icom IC 7100 is the 21st-century version of the Icom IC 706 MK2 G which became a mainstay for Icom in their Amateur Radio equipment for decades. It offered a compact, affordable, all-band, all-mode, HF, VHF, and UHF transceiver that can put out a reasonable 100 watts on SSB on HF.

    Icom should update the IC 7100 with a better-looking touch screen interactive display, Include capabilities of interfacing it with a computer via USB port for applications like Packet, Pactor, and other digital modes and applications. Just a point of fact, The Icom IC 7100 can be used on a QRP basis as the power out is selectable from 1 to 100 watts on HF, Now due to the power output capabilities the unit itself is much bigger and the 7100 requires much more power to run than the new QRP radio.

    Go ahead and offer the new radio as a QRP only version of the 7100 much as the Icom IC 703 was a QRP only version of the IC 706 Mk2 A but it is a grave mistake to do away with the current 7100 line entirely in favor of the new QRP radio.

    Just my two cents…


    • Nathan Long · October 15

      I don’t think there is any real indication of the 7100 going away. That was one person’s assumption which was stated as a fact with nothing to back it up. “Icom has a $100 discount in effect to clear inventory” is BS, since at the time, it was one of the smallest discounts on any of their radios. At this time, the discount is less than the 7300, which isn’t going anywhere soon.

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      • ve3ips · October 15

        Nathan, you should check out HRO and become better informed

        ICOM IC-7100
        HF / VHF / UHF Mobile Multimode Transceiver – DStar – Touchscreen – DV
        Regular Price: $999.95
        Additional Savings
        -$100.00 ICOM Spring Savings (Exp:12/31/19)
        -$25.00 HRO Fall Savings Event! (Exp:10/31/19)
        HRO Discount Price: $874.95*

        Wow look at that a coupon for 4 months thats smells like a clear out to many consumers


      • ve3ips · October 15

        Icom Canada is only offering $100 CAD from Radioworld.ca and is special order only based on lack of local consumer demand

        Eligible for a $100 Rebate-Expires 12/31/2019

        HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver, Touch Screen Control Portal, D-STAR Ready, Built-in SD C…
        Special Order
        Originally $1,499.99
        Sale Ends: Dec 31


      • ve3ips · October 15

        WOW Radioworld UK is dumping it at $300 pounds sterling off the list price

        Have something to part exchange? We offer the BEST prices in the UK, Give us a call today! No futher discount on this radio!

        RRP: £1,299.00
        £999.95 (£833.29 exc. VAT)


      • ve3ips · October 15

        I have owned 3 different 7100s and they are a great radio although the lack of a tuner makes it a problem for portable ops due to the strange form factor and complexity of wires. I had mine in a Go Box and that worked out perfect for portable ops and using dipoles.

        The appliance operators who dont understand dipoles will use the LDG tuner to match their end fed wire

        This is a great update to the Yaesu FT-897 due to its DSP but its front end performance makes it a poor choice for contest radios.

        Weird, all my buddies using the 7100 have it in the mobile using the AH-4 with the AH-2 antenna and have found a way to mount the control head.

        They use it as a D-Star radio more than HF with the lack of sunspots


      • Nathan Long · October 15

        By your logic, the 7300 is being discontinued as well.


        ICOM IC-7300
        HF plus 50 MHz RF Direct Sampling 100 Watt Transceiver with Touchscreen
        Regular Price: $1,299.95
        Additional Savings
        -$200.00 ICOM Spring Savings (Exp:12/31/19)
        -$75.00 HRO Fall Savings Event! (Exp:10/31/19)
        HRO Discount Price: $1,024.95*


      • ve3ips · October 15

        They made too many and the market has slowed down as gas prices have increased, food costs more and Uber increased the rates of transport. So time to move some stock as hams are buying used gear at hamfests and not the shiny shiny. Check out the ARRL auction for gear.

        The 7100 is starting to outsell the 7300 for mobile usage


  5. WB3GCK · September 12

    I had high hopes for the new ICOM rig but the lack of an internal tuner is a show-stopper for me. — 73, Craig WB3GCK


    • ve3ips · September 12

      Craig, the Elecraft T1 will be perfect. Come on man, what do you use on the FT-817? Linked Dipoles will not need a tuner or a Wolf River Coil.


      • WB3GCK · September 12

        I have the T1 but my KX3 has spoiled me. I’ve used linked dipoles and EFHWs but lowering the antenna to change bands is a pain.


  6. ve7fky · September 14

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