Packtenna in The Field – Linked Dipoles

I find linked dipoles are better and more efficient than any compromise antenna and NO tuner is needed.

This means you can run your FT-817 in the field without needing to bring a tuner. Dipoles are quick to set up as an inverted V but they do need 3 tie points.

It’s very useful to have various PackTenna tools in my antenna kit bag.

If its too cold or snowy and you cannot put up the dipole then a single wire antenna is perfect.

winter shack.jpg

I used the PackTenna 9:1 UnUn variant today to make a dozen contacts in the CQ WPX SSB contest as I had a single tree to use as a support pole.  I threw a Paracord rope with a hockey puck into the tree and was operational in less than 5 minutes.

Good signals on 40m and 20m into PJ, Z, TM and KP4

packtenna mini    packtenna dipole.jpg

Except for the shower of snow coming down from the tree limbs the whole process was super easy.

No problem making contacts with my backpack Icom 703@10 watts with the PackTenna antenna system.

I was a bit worried about water/snow getting into the balun so I am looking into a way to just ziplock the balun when weather conditions warrant it.

Sure wish I was in Oakland


One comment

  1. Mike Hohmann · April 3, 2019

    Hi John, probably no snow in Oakland!


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