The Icom 7300 review after 180 Days – Thoughts and Comments

A View of my findings on the Icom 7300 HF SDR Radio


  • This is the first Japanese full direct digital sampling SDR based HF radio
  • Radio draws 21 amps at 100 watts output
  • Comes with the standard HM-219 hand mic which provides good audio
  • Direct Digital sampling us used on receive and transmit
  • RF input is through a diode switched bandpass filter – 15 of them
  • The IF is 36 Khz
  • 7300 uses the same DSP chip as the Icom 7100
  • High Stability TXCO is built in 0.5 ppm stability
  • Inside layout is clean
  • Integral heatsink with a quiet fan
  • Multicolor touchscreen display is the big selling point – but I still want knobs for power output and band change. The MULTI offers power out and mic gain.
  • QWERTY keyboard on the display makes memory name super easy
  • I miss the front panel CW key jack
  • Love the 8 pin Din plug for the mic as its better and more reliable than the RJ45
  • SD Card is a great feature and simplifies firmware updates
  • Only 1 antenna jack. I wish they had a receiver jack
  • USB and CI-V port available
  • 99 memories but I wish they had more
  • Notch filter is excellent for those dummies tuning up on nets
  • NR is very good
  • NO CW audio peak filter
  • CW Break IN relay driven but adjustable
  • ATU is still within a 3:1 range because they don’t understand how Elecraft can do 10:1
  • RTTY is cool with 8 pre programmed message stores so one can RTTY like an FT8 robot
  • Spectrum Display – still the selling feature for many. I changed mine to be more useful but I tune up and down but useful for looking at 6 or 10m but really on a busy 20m the display is jammed
  • DVR is nice for voice recording of CQ saving the voice in contests
  • Recording of QSO could be handy
  • Antenna SWR Plot is useful but I prefer a Handheld version
  • Voice Synthesizer a nice touch
  • RS-BA1 software for remote operation but to do it right you need a proper remote ham system set up – ie ability to disconnect antennas , etc
  • OVF tends to flash frequently in QRM sessions with proper antennas but not a problem if you understand how to reduce the input signals
  • No issues running an HF amplifier and the switch times have some adjustment
  • Deaf below 160m as typical but I was supposed on this radio it was provided (   to avoid swamping the FGPA)
  • FAN on all the time during transmit buts its quiet
  • Yaesu FH-2 type keypad missing
  • The 7300 is a fantastic radio and as I continue to read the manual and use it contests and weak signal conditions I realize how useful the new generation of NR, NB and filters can help.
  • Software Update was super easy unlike the nightmare on the Yaesu FT-991

I have Go Boxed this radio for portable ops but have stuck to the Yaesu FT-991 because of the VHF/UHF capability but I find the 7300 to be a better HF radio. Spec wise they are close but the Icom ergonomics are better for my operating style. At least Icom solved the power level knob problem

Excellent work Icom and no wonder over 50,000 units were shipped and even more when everyone had one under their arm at Dayton due to aggressive pricing to keep the bankers happy

So it will be a  while before Icom releases anything to replace it but enjoy it, I cant see the 7400 being that much better as you do need to go to the 7610 and higher for better performance


Too bad we dont have the Japanese QRP Version


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