Icom 7610 Quick Thoughts and Mini Review

Just some quick thoughts

It has more dynamic range than the 7300 and the 756 Pro Series

The two receivers being independent using DigiCell technology is just wonderful

The bigger real estate is great to use in Contests

It is a step up from the 7300 and the Pro series radios

Some trickle down technology form the higher radios 7800, 7851

CW relay chatter is non-existent

CW Audio peak feature is nice (not on the 7300)

A serious operators and those who need reading glasses

Appliance operators will be happy with the 7300 and can save money or go buy a Icom 7100 and a 5100 and a 51A with the difference

Not for the Go Box unless its in a Motor Home

Remember the 11m mod will void your warranty and the RF filters may be tight not allowing much power on 11m but Hey I am not going to try it, I have a Yaesu for that band.




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