More RF Jamming Training and HiJinks = Rat Tail Diaper Mod

Everybody gets upset with jammers but jammers get upset when they are ignored but a happy jammer is a well fed jammer that wears “hamfest diapers” with the rat tail mod

Radio RF Jamming

Radio Frequency jamming is a form of Radio Frequency warfare where jammers radiate interfering signals toward an enemy’s position, blocking the receiver with highly concentrated energy signals.

The two main technique styles are noise techniques and repeater techniques. The three types of noise jamming are spot, sweep, and barrage.

  • Spot jamming occurs when a jammer focuses all of its power on a single frequency. While this would severely degrade the ability to track on the jammed frequency, a frequency-agile radar would hardly be affected because the jammer can only jam one frequency. While multiple jammers could possibly jam a range of frequencies, this would consume a great deal of resources to have any effect on a frequency-agile radar, and would probably still be ineffective.
  • Sweep jamming is when a jammer’s full power is shifted from one frequency to another. While this has the advantage of being able to jam multiple repeaters in quick succession, it does not affect them all at the same time, and thus limits the effectiveness of this type of jamming.
  • MiniVan jamming is increasing in popularity as hams with kids get frustrated with baby sitting duties while the XYL goes shopping for shoes. Easy to spot as they have a many whip antennas mag mounted on the roof and they swerve in and out of traffic while changing channels.
  • Barrage jamming is the jamming of multiple frequencies at once by a single jammer. The advantage is that multiple frequencies can be jammed simultaneously; however, the jamming effect can be limited because this requires the jammer to spread its full power between these frequencies, as the number of frequencies covered increases the less effectively each is jammed.
  • Base jamming is a new type of Barrage Jamming where one station is jammed effectively at its source at all frequencies. However, all other nearby stations continue working normally.
  • Drive Through jamming is where jamming hams love to play their drive through order on the repeater and are not shy to be adults ordering kids meals to get the little toy.
  • Pulse jamming produces noise pulses within a time period depending on beam rotation speed thus creating jiggle sectors from directions other than the jammers, making it harder to discover the jammer location.
  • Cover pulse jamming creates a short noise pulse when a repeater ID signal is received thus concealing any hams behind the enemy’s ham shack with a block of noise.
  • Tim Horton jamming uses techniques like “double double in hand with a Dutchie” to break the squelch of the target station and conduct email traffic from the free wifi
  • Beams to the target jamming is where you buy a yagi and mount it in a fixed location pointing to the target station. Very effective on HF and higher frequencies. Also can be used to dry wet socks as a clothesline.
  • Tim Horton Team jamming uses techniques like “double double in hand with a Dutchie” to break the squelch of the target station but is done with other hams at other Timmys. This may introduce “no Sugar just 3 creams” or the “Just Black and a Crueller” into the mix.
  • Adult Pampers jamming is increasing as the jammers ages increase so does their need to wear these fashionable panties and they make a nice counterpoise with the rat-tail mod.
  • Smelly Hamfest Ham jammer is a social jammer that uses their body odour at a hamfest to clear a table of buyers so they can have the individed attention of the nose of the seller. Very effective as the seller will take the smelly ham lowball offer just to get him to move onwards before trying not to throw up. These jammers will not shower for a week before the hamfest for fermented effect. These hams usually double up as dumpster divers so be vigilant and aware. If the guy is wearing a winter parka on a hot day, he may have given himself away.
  • Dayton Sewage Jamming is the reason why the venue was relocated far enough away to erase any memories of this tragic day and was effective in affecting the personal lives of 23, 312 attendees. An apology statement was never published in QST and as a result the Hara Arena is being torn down. This is very effective in getting vendors to give their for sale items away except the clever ones that packed rubber boots in their go kits.
  • Sinkhole jamming is another popular way to get rid of the “porcupine antenna car”. Jammers push the offending vehicle into the sinkhole not realizing that the ham is insured and gets a new car and new radios and adds more antennas to further cause jealousy to the masses.
  • White Noise jamming produces white noise pulses on AM , SSB or FM causing many scanner listeners to have increased headaches and is also being now used on FRS to drive “mall moms” crazy.
  • Fake Geo-Location jamming is risky as it requires the jammer to throw off their scent by jamming at a targets location in his mobile or bicycle portable set up faking to be the target ham that is doing the jamming. The target ham is then accused at the next club meeting of jamming the club net with kerchunks and dead carriers.

 The rat-tail mod is very effective



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