Durham Radio RIP!!!!!!!!!

Its a sad day when a popular retailer has to pull the plug due to economics

Thanks Durham Radio for the value, customer service and alternative shopping source for ham and CB radio radio stuff that I need.

73s and God Speed


We regret to inform you that Durham Radio Sales & Service Inc. after nearly a 25 years in the industry – closed its doors forever at 3:00 PM on Saturday, April 14th. We would like to thank our dedicated staff, loyal customers and friends for your continued support and for many great years in this hobby. Unfortunately, times have changed and it has become impossible to remain competitive in this industry without making drastic changes to our business model. We have decided that it would be better to close the business rather than change the products we carry and reduce customer service.

If you need product support please contact the manufacturer.
If you’ve recently ordered something and it did not arrive, please track your shipment to make sure it’s on the way. If tracking is not available please contact your credit card company for a refund.



  1. ve7hamradio · April 17, 2018

    Reblogged this on Coastal Ham Radio and commented:
    Truly a sad day indeed.


  2. Mike Hohmann · April 18, 2018

    Sad indeed!


  3. Bill · July 12

    It is sad for the employees but Durham is gone because of the owners lack of ability to run a business. OMG,,Ham radio in Canada is represented by about 3 companies. This is an expensive hobby but all hams seem to be ready to spend the min of $1500.00 to get a decent rig. I once suggested during a visit to their store that they should think about relocating to Mississauga or slightly west like Milton and the answer was one of arrogance suggesting I had no idea about the ham radio market. Well now they are out of business and Radio World has the whole place to themselves..

    Ok so the retail may be tough so how about getting into e-commerce only ? Guess that never occurred to the management. Again, ham radio is an extensive hobby but so are many more hobbies like RC controlled planes and boats. I have 2 BIG hobby stores for these products which often cost over 2k and are basically seasonal hobbies and they do great.

    Sorry to say that I have no remorse for the Durham owners, just their staff.



    • ve3ips · July 12

      Sorry to hear about your experiences at Durham Radio. Hams love Chinese products and supporting Chinese companies. Soon all the local shops and hobby stores will be gone and Amazon will ship to your house the same day. Get your groceries, beer, cannabis, drone parts and Icom 7100 in the same box. If it breaks then just buy a new one.


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