FT-891, FT-817, FT-818, FT-897D and Icoms Current Drain Comparison plus a Kenwood

I dug up my old notes for previous radio tests and here is a comparison chart for calculating battery size, solar panels and if your 12v laptop power supply is suitable.

I never owned a Kenwood TS-480SAT but I used our club radio for previous tests for ARES.

ft-891 drain.png



  1. Dan · March 22

    I think you have some eronate data in your table:
    -Kenwood TS-480SAT on receive take 0.9A (I just measured on mine transceiver) not 1.1A
    -FT-897D it is not possible to have power 5W with only 1.8A, maybe in SSB mode without modulation…..
    -Icom 7000, only 1.2A on receive….?


    • ve3ips · March 22

      I dont own all 3 radios anymore but I had those numbers in my notes. I am pleading the 5th based on a plus or minus error rate of 20% and cannot divulge if it was 12v or 13.8 volts. Variances are due to cw key down or whistling into the microphone. I have been advised by counsel to state ” These results are guidelines and shoukd not be used in mission critical applications” . Maybe the 897D is more towards 4-5 amps


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