In Defense of Myself against Attacks by a local Ham

I am tired of this ongoing garbage being spewed out by this ham with so many call signs hiding behind the hate crime blog an He had moved all his hate from the blogspot domains which Google removed for abusive content to stolen domain names. I have the right to defend my self  and explain the truth behind the false accusations made by him.

Update: Nov 15, 2017

1. I am now being accused of selling a license to a gentleman named William VA3HBO. I have talked to him on the air several times but I have never met him. He has been very helpful in helping me program a Motorola Radio I purchased from a local ham that programmed incorrectly. He is also a target to ongoing and systemic harassment. I can validate that I was not the Volunteer Examiner that submitted his ham license tests to Industry Canada.

2. Repeaters Shut Down

In my 40 years as a ham and 3 years in DMR, I have never seen 4 repeaters turned off due to targeted and systemic jamming (radio harassment). This will affect any ability for various ARES groups to provide emergency communications and assist the first responders in case of a true emergency. There are also hams that rely on these repeaters for daily communications and they too have been impacted in a negative way due to bad behaviour.

I have been informed that VA3XPR, VE3YYZ Analog, VE3YYZ Digital and VE3TWR have been shut down until further notice.

I was hoping to use the VE3YYZ Allstars link for remote access and was informed about the shut down.

What has been referred to as nefarious activity that has been occuring the past week has caused the repeater owners to make hard decisions to pull the plug until a solution to the problem can be found.

I would believe the TFM Club would have the right to them but in retaliation, he took them for a safer haven for his abusive content. Another local ham, has now purchased all of his call sign domains and created a website at I will let those two go back and forth with their postings. I am not surprised as to what the truth really is as the local community speaks up.

I do not care to attack him as it serves no purpose. It is very obvious he does not like me and other lical hams that are in his hit list.

He has accused me of jamming him and he came to realize that it was not me and he apologized. So where does this hatred start?

He is attacking any member of a board, president of a club, any one with more radios than him, any one who knows morse code and anyone that is honest and gives a lot to the radio community.

I do not need to post my achievements and success stories as i have nothing to prove and those that know me understand that when I had my Aura read by a Geomancer he said ” You give more than you take and you do it with love and passion”.

I used to defend this guy and actually introduce him to local hams as a friend of mine. I made a mistake and a bad judgement in character.

I do not know how he has the time to be busy with all this hatred against myself and others. I do know that I do need to straighten out all the fake news being spewed out by this individual.

I have a right to defend myself against his vicious and slanderous attacks on his blogs and explain my side of the story. I have asked many times to be a man and “Man UP” to sitting down and trying to understand his concerns and clear up any misunderstandings.

I know he broadcasts emails to his followers with remarks attacking me. For what  the reasons I do not know and frankly don’t care as I can only allow others to make their own judgments about him.

He started attacking members at my radio club and sought to have me kicked out. It did not work as he proclaims on his website. Now, he is the President of his radio club. I wonder what ethics he will follow and what examples of goodness he will bestow on the members. Will he teach a radio class, will he cheat a radio class, will he volunteer time and effort into the community, was he voted into the club or self appointed as the leader? Many questions are being asked and I do wish him success and hope he can bring some positive energy into the club and not spread toxicity and hatred.

I was friends with Andre and he shared a lot of his personal strengths and weaknesses until one day he decided he was choosing new friends. I met his girlfriend, shared a swap table at the Hamex hamfest, invited him to attend Dayton and other things good friends do. I know and knew that Andre has a good heart and is a very giving individual. I am not one to judge and will allow others to decide themselves. May God Bless you and be forgiven for all of your sins. You have chosen a path guided by Satan. Good riddance I say to all your toxicity and pent up anger. God forgives you and loves with all his heart. We will continue to pray for you and hope that one day you will accept his love.

I will update these as I scrape them of his website with my response in defense. People need to hear both sides of the story.

Andre, you have posted my address, my mothers address, on your blogs and I have photos of you that has been shared with family and friends and 911 will be called if you show up for any reason in their vicinity.

In defense of the many attacks by Andre Vanier VE3WZW, VA3AGV and VE3SP and many others conducted over the radio airwaves, emails and web postings:

York Region CLUB Accredited Examiner PAID $200 HAM Tickets Accredited Examiner John Leonardelli VE3IPS PAID $200.00

This is a lie. I did not sell licenses to 16 applicants for $200 each and I would like to see the proof. I was offered $100 to drive out to Hamilton and spend 5.5 hours of my day for the exam to be written by Hughy VE3DJZ. He passed and got his Basic license. Hughy was charged $250 by Andre but I was given the agreed upon $100.

John Leonardelli VE3IPS disparaging comments #8          Disgrace – John Leonardelli VE3IPS disparaging comments #8

This is the whole D-Star vs DMR debate where the Motorola boys claim superiority over everyone. If you read the text 3 times you will see its nothing to get excited about.

– Toxic insults “BLACK NIGGER”  Racist Abuses | invasion of privacy | POLICE AND OTHERS HAVE

False Lies: I am not a racist and have ever uttered this word against him. If you look at his picture you will realize that he does not actually look to be the ethnicity that he claims he is being attacked for. I have no idea where he came up with this.


This was actually written up on another hams website (VE3HTB) for which again I have no idea what caused this to transpire but he is a fiend of the hate crime blog publisher. I don’t know the guy and he was made a member of a local radio club I started. A Cease and Desist letter was sent to the individual and he did remove the slanderous and libelous posting. 

– CHILD ANSWER ABUSIVE PHONE CALL Invasion of privacy | Threatening | harassment

– 28 repeated hungup phone calls in 1 hours from @VOIPGURU

I did call the person a few times to try to have a conversation as to why he is attacking me. When we did connect he hung up on me and when I called back he had forwarded his Magic number to York Region 911. I have wireline landline so no idea how twitter can place telephone calls. How does a twitter account make telephone calls? No children answered the telephone and Andre is not married and has no children. If a child answered the telephone then I would ask what a child is doing in Andre’s home?

After this incident i get lots of hang ups with odd numbers on the CLID. This is known as CLID spoofing a feature of Magic jack. He has a Magic jack number.      | Threatening | Racist Abuses | harassment

I don’t see any hate crimes on this twitter account. Do you?

VE3TWR Racist – TFMCS Racist Amateur HAM Radio TORONTO  Amateur HAM Toronto CANADA a BLACK idiot (Racist)

Please see above. This is a repeat to create a longer list

VE3TWR Racist – TFMCS Racist Amateur HAM Radio        Racist Abuses | invasion of privacy | Abuses  –

Again more hate crimes being disseminated. This blog was removed and I can only imagine I was based on not conforming to Googles code of Ethics.

– Threatening emails #3 –  23 repeated in 1.5 hour (deleted/SPAM)          John Leonardelli VE3IPS

Oh was this the Cease and Desist Email I sent you once?

– Fraud website was created abusive (police reported)   Fraudulent | identity theft | Threatening |


I am not aware of what this is referring to

– Fraud Facebook homophobic profile created abusive  (police reported)              homophobic and FAKE FACEBOOK profiles

– Threatening content    Threatening |


Again more lies. In fact, he published an email where I was telling him that someone had created these fake sites and had pictures of my home, address and other pictures that break copyright laws. I had the Soundcloud removed and the Facebook site removed. I cannot believe Andre came to my house and took photos for this so he could publish my address and photos stolen from my and blog. Why would I create a Facebook site with my personal information and photos on it? THis is just a spin he is putting on the fake news.

– Predatory and Clueless Behavior           | invasion of privacy | pictures and video around HAM home 2016

I have no photos of his apartment or any videos and cannot understand why I would need to. In fact, I did not even know where he lived until we were friends for over a year. Where are these photos or videos published?

– Repeater Territorial Behavior  Threatening

I have no idea what this even means.

J.Leonardelli VE3IPS threatening voice mail POLICE REPORTED   John Leonardelli VE3IPS with threatening voice mail messages

A voice mail was left on his Magic jack number indicating that he was spotted in front of my house (probably taking pictures for the Facebook site). I did get his license plate. This was reported to the Police. I asked him to stop harassing my family. An email was also sent

– John Leonardelli VE3IPS Abuses            Listen to audio here

I am not sure what this is but can only imagine that someone was playing tapes of my voice on the repeater. There are tapes of him swearing and harassing me.

– Racist Abuses – BLACK F.ING NIGGER – perfect for legal “Black Fucking Nigger” see audio many recordings

Again this is not me and is a repeat of the two entries above

– Slander             Paul Edward Briscoe VE3KU VE3GPB slanderous accusations

Again this is not me and is a repeat of the two entries above

John Leonardelli VE3IPS delusional 6 unsolicited emails John Leonardelli VE3IPS delusional rant and 6 unsolicited belligerent emails blast (threatening)

I would not call a Cease and Desist email delusional or threatening. Hey he is harassing me and my family. YES police and RCMP were notified

– 34 repeated hungup phone calls in 2 hours from @VOIPGURU Threatening |

– Toxic insults    Racist Abuses |


I don’t know where this comes from as I did make calls to his cellphone (actually it’s a magic jack number as he does not own a cellphone) to try to gain insights into his harassing activity against me. Funny, I get these weird magic jack calls to my home number with odd area codes and if you answer they hang up.

– Disparaging comments              John Leonardelli VE3IPS disparaging comments #8

A repeat

John Leonardelli VE3IPS threatening 6 unsolicited belligerent emails       John Leonardelli VE3IPS delusional rant and 6 unsolicited belligerent emails blast (threatening)

A repeat

– Stalking a HAM person Home  homophobic and FAKE FACEBOOK profiles

I am not the creator of the fake Facebook account and complained to have it removed due to the exposing of personal information about me.

– Threatening emails #4 – 16 repeated in 30 minutes (deleted/SPAM)      John Leonardelli VE3IPS with threatening voice mail messages

A repeat

– 32 repeated hungup phone calls in 2.5 hours from @VOIPGURU           | invasion of privacy | harassment

A repeat

Toxic and slanderous accusations without proof              Michael Kenneth Walker VA3MW slanderous accusations

This has nothing to do with me.


No clue what this is about

threatening and intimidation     VE3RPT – HERE IS THE WARNING

I don’t use VE3RPT o not sure what this is

AUDIO EDITING / AUDIO MANIPULATION            YOUTUBE – profile – Just Jammers

This is not me and the audio is attacking me

AUDIO EDITING / AUDIO MANIPULATION            GTA user profile on youtube | harassment

This is not me and the audio is attacking me

John Leonardelli VE3IPS delusional rant MORE unsolicited email              John Leonardelli VE3IPS delusional rant MORE unsolicited belligerent emails 2

No idea what this means

VE3TWR Racist – TFMCS Racist Amateur HAM Radio TORONTO  Amateur HAM Toronto CANADA a BLACK idiot (Racist)

See above comments that I did not utter any racist remarks. He is not a black man so I do not understand his comments.

John Leonardelli VE3IPS disparaging comments #8          Disgrace – John Leonardelli VE3IPS disparaging comments #8

About what?

Leader Henry Blais, VE3HJL Toronto FM Communications            Leader Henry Blais, VE3HJL of Toronto FM Communications Society

This has nothing to do with me

John Leonardelli VE3IPS – listen to his delusions of grandeur and abuses

Yes I enjoyed listening to your melt downs. I have the audio files. Swearing, Yelling and abusive in nature that it can make your ears burn and he claims I am delusional?


Andre had VE3YYZ also shut down and posted on the website by Eric VE3EI

REPEATER SHUT OFF while he was talking

No idea what this is about but it relates to Andre showing up with his slanderous remarks and looking to argue with any ham on the air. Thus, TFMCS shuts it down when he starts swearing.

Another hate crime blog owned and operated by Andre


I will keep up to date to the latest content and post my defense accordingly.



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