When Life Throws you a Curve Ball

When life throws you a curve ball priorities change.

I will be hitting the ball back as hard as I can.

I will be taking a break from the hobby while I focus my time on helping others and in fostering more young hams into the hobby.

So far our team has helped license over 50 new hams into the hobby and the goal is for another 50 this year.

I thank all those that have donated and continue to do so the time, energy, equipment and guidance the past few years.

I am excited to expose teenagers to this wonderful hobby and to help them get their licenses and start a lifelong passion in radio.

Recently, I heard of several hams that  listen to the ARRL bulletins in fast CW and copy it in their head as if listening to a newscast on TV.

I will use Mindfullness sessions to help get my morse code skills up to 30 wpm and be able to copy in my head. I have been having a blast using cw in the contests lately but have also realized how my code speed needs improvement.

I dont like to use keyboards and computers to do this as I prefer the way it was 40 years ago where you took a sheet a paper and pencils and made cw qso’s. You actually had to go up and down the bands looking for contacts.

My shack will continue to not have multiple PC screens and software apps running to help make QSOs.

But I am fascinated by those that have been able to bridge the technologies together and enjoy the hobby more so.

Technology is in place to actually have robots and AI making those qsos for us automatically.

Skimmer can capture the call and the CWbot will then make the qso and submit it to LOTW and a QSL is completed. This can be done automatically without any human intervention. Just schedule it happen this weekend and check the log files to see who you contacted while you were away.

I will see ya’ll further down the log but I still plan to use my Bencher and J-38 key.







  1. Walter Underwood · July 6

    Please use your enthusiasms to help the new hams find their own. They might love keyboards.

    Personally, I think the most technically advanced work in amateur radio is being done by David Rowe (VK5DGR) on digital speech and telemetry. His balloon telemetry protocols are 10 dB better than commercial and the digital voice work is getting there. I studied DSP in college and he’s on the cutting edge. http://www.rowetel.com

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  2. ve3ips · July 6

    They seem to like psk31 on an ipad or a smartphone. Today there are many apps that they use…even to learn morse code.


  3. Mike Hohmann · July 16

    For what its worth, John, you’ve fueled my interest in the hobby… slow but sure progress. 😉 73, de Mike, KEØGZT


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